郭宸維, Jasper


I have optimistic, generous and positive characteristics. mountain bike, ball game, movies and travels are my interests. I am interested in the product’s design to produce, and to the marketing. I want to know how to design and manufacture, and understand how to gain the profit. This procedure is full of challenges and enjoyment that make me insist on the way to the future and never get tired of it.

Industrial Engineer & Designer

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  Educational background

Industrial Engineering - FCU IESM

I graduated from Feng Chia University majoring in Industrial Engineering. Not only learn IE related knowledge but also systematic thinking questions.

Industrial design - NCKU ID

Majored in Industrial Design during the Institute of National Cheng Kung University. I'm in the strategy design group, main research on Integral Design and universal design.


Process & Methodology

 Project management 

 Production & Quality management 

 Toyota Production System

Design Research

 Design Management

 Design Thinking

 New Product Development

Skills & Software

 Pro/e, Solidworks, Catia, Auto CAD

 Sketch, Rhino, Key Shot 

 Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

  Work experience

Product Engineer,2019/02 - NOW

Implement design projects from beginning to end, including institutional design, appearance design, pre-planning, and subsequent production related matters.

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R&D Engineer,2016/06 -2019/02

The mountain bike dropper post is the main product in KS. The mainly works include product design, mechanism design, quality specifications, production process development, all development tasks are done almost from start to finish.

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Improvement Engineer,2014/11 - 2016/05

Import automation equipment into the production process to improve production line quality and save working time.

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Product Engineer,2013/07 - 2014/09

Designing the models and tools, coordinating or modification the SOP and working procedure, designing the execution and communication of modifying.

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 Repair stand project

During work at TOPEAK, I designed a bicycle repair stand for e-bikes that can be easily carried and provides auxiliary lifting functions. This repair stand breaks through the existing framework and has been patented.

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 The project of Genesys dropper post

Just as the Genesys name suggests, this project completely reverses the previous dropper seatpost system and combines the dropper seatpost with the frame. This bike was designed with Bold Cycles.
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 Various of dropper post projects

During KS work, I'm mainly responsible for the work of design of the dropper seatpost and remote control, start from scratch design the remote control and produce it.
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 Automatic machinery improvement projects

The picture is an automatic oiling machine for rear shock parts that increases the efficiency of the station operator by 20%.

Other automated machines can refer to the portfolio.

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 Master's Research Thesis

The study integrates the "Three heuristic approaches for predicting future lifestyles" (THAPFL) and the "TRIZ method", which are applied to the stage of design concept thinking and solving design problems respectively, and proposed to apply "PDCA cycle" for design project management.

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 Continue to do different kinds of designs

This picture is an rendering of footwear.

Not only the design in the bicycle industry, I have always tried different kinds of designs and continue to improve myself and toward the goal step by step.

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