Nick Chen (陳聖儒)

Be fond of communication and multiculturalism, from chemical engineering to biology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and keen on cross-field and cultural exchanges.

  Taipei, Taiwan  


Master degree:

National Taiwan University Biomechatronics Enginnering


Bachelor degree:

National Tsing Hua University Chemical Engineering

Minor in economics/ Minor in Bio-industry Technology program 



Research Performance

National Taiwan University

Yenwen Lu's lab

2017/08~ 2020/07
Taipei, Taiwan

1.Industry-academia cooperation: cooperate with the blood technology company-Santech to design the flow experiments to solve the blood cell separation problem.

2. Responsible for the evaporator (lift-off) and layout and production of the PCB as a teaching assistant for the intensive courses of Fab.

3.Skilled at ITO electrode etching production, micro-channel wafer production and PDMS bonding.

National Taiwan University

Paper publication

2017/08~ 2019/06

1.International Conference on Smart Sensors 2019-poster.

2.Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers 2019-oral presentation.

3.Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 2018 CTAM-oral presentation.

4.MicroTAS 2018-poster.

National Tsing Hua University

Hsing-Wen Sung's Lab

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Conducted special  topic related to drug release, and achieve the experimental goal of controlling the release time of drugs into blood vessels by emulsification.

Work Experience


process engineer

*Responsible for the back-end process of the company's main products:

1.Confirm circuit yield (open/short), T&H, Resistance

2.The main process is  coating, developing and etching to 

*Learn  the process technology of the predecessors in two weeks and the product made within one month meet the needs of customers

International Experience

 Exchange Experience in Canada: 


  Put myself in an English environment. In this half year, I have traveled alone for nearly a month to cultivate independent personality consciously, and improve transnational cooperation experience, so as to prepare for the opportunity to go abroad in the future.

Cross-Strait Exchange:


  Performed together with local college students in Beijing and Zhejiang to promote the culture of different regions.

 Exchange Experience in Singapore:


  Experienced that the resources and effort invested by the Singaporean government on education, and we can indeed enable exchange our thoughts to people who lived in different  countries by speaking English.


Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

of Biotechnology 2017:

Responsible for the creative ideas of engineering in the team, integrating engineering with the biomedical field. Won the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award from the Ministry of Education.

National Taiwan University Hactkathon 2017:   

Estimated market demand through economic models, and cultivated the ability to commercialize ideas. Our banknote recognition project  attracted CITIC's stuff to take the initiative to inquire and understand.


  • SEM skill to capture the condition of the blood cells on the polycarbonate membrane 
  • Build a personal fitness website:


Toelf: 82

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