Yoyo Lu, Data Analyst professional

[email protected]

Resourceful Data Analyst and Programmer with 5+ years of experience at Alfred Labs. Strong background in Mathematics and Computer Science.
Adept at providing crucial analysis to cooperating teams.


Alfred Labs., Data Science, Jul 2017 ~ Mar 2024

As an early employee of the company, I played a pivotal role in the development of our data infrastructure. This included the creation of robust ETL pipelines and automated dashboards, key advancements that enabled the entire organization to make data-driven decisions. My expertise in designing experiments, streamlining business metrics, and conducting causal inference analyses, significantly streamlined our decision-making process.

Experience leading a Data Team with three members.

Product and Marketing

  • Design the experiments and key metrics for hypothesis verification.
    • A/B Test Dashboard, automatically.
    • Unconventional experimental analysis (such as natural experiments, fuzzy RDD, etc.).
    • Optimize the effect of ads and payment pages from 0.8% to 3%.
    • SEO and ASO, increased the number of downloads by about 100% YoY for 3 years.
  • Designed and implemented business metrics.
    • Build revenue modules, such as LTV, Subscribe Retention, Conversion Funnel, etc.
    • Auto-sequence system of ads waterfall.
  • Categorized different user scenarios based on usage time and various custom labels.
    • These findings were leveraged to drive other business projects.
  • Quantifying and tracking the user experience.
  • Analysis of the Ratings and Reviews.

Tech Team

  • Estimate the order of magnitude of users (for capacity planning).
  • Clustering the performance of the different computer-vision algorithms.
  • Performance evaluation of network routing.
  • Using NLP as a solution for fixing ANR (Application Not Responding).
  • ETL System.
  • Auto-alarm system.


University of Taipei, BS, Computer Science, 2012 ~ 2017

Transferred from the Mathematics department to the Computer Science department.

The graduation thesis focused on analyzing user preference for phrases on the message board PTT.


Number theory, Calculus, Linear algebra, Abstract algebra, Probability theory, and Statistics.

Computer Science

Database Systems, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Image Processing, Introduction to Data MiningDiscrete Mathematics, Java, Data Structures, Digital System Design, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Digital Circuit Laboratory, Computer Network, System Programming, Assembly Language, Computer Architecture, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Engineering Mathematics, Dynamic Webpage Design, Programming for Mobile Phone, Introduction to Cryptography.


  • Python, R, Java, C, Assembly, JavaScript, ReactJS.
  • SQL, MongoDB.
  • Processing data with Interpretable Machine Learning Model (SVM, Random forest, logistic regression, linear regression, etc.) .
  • Experienced in using GCP and AWS, especially BigQuery and Data Studio.
  • Visualization tools, such as Plotly and matplotlib.
  • ETL pipeline and related tools, such as Airflow.