Ji-Min Chen

Software Engineer

  New Taipei City, Taiwan


Previously working as a full-satck developer. I'm familiar with Node.js, Typescript, Reactjs and Golang, as well as AWS. I also obtained the Solutions Architect Associate certificate last year. 

I love to work with people to discuess and implement new ideas, and daring to imagine how software applications can improve our life. Hope that I can use my skill to shape the future software applications. 



Programming Language

  • TypeScript / JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Python
  • Shell script
  • Solidity


  • Docker container
  • Docker compose
  • Amazon web service
  • Kubernetes

Speaking Language

  • Chinese
  • English


2017.9 - 2019.6

National Tsing Hua University

Computer Science

2013.9 - 2017.6

National Taipei University of Technology 

Computer Science

Work experience

Software Engineer Intern  •  GlobalNet

2017.5 - 2017.8

  • Modify Visual Basic project to integrate provider's API endpoint
  • Integrate the new labeling system with the existing system

Software Engineer  •   CoolBitX Ltd.

2019.10 - 2022.5

  • Sygna Bridge
    • Developing using Typescript
    • Using AWS DynamoDB to store our key-value-based data
    • Use AWS Simple Queue Service to handle asynchronous messaging tasks, prevent congestion when large amounts of message arrive in short amount of time
    • Use Middy to keep our code clean
    • Use Swagger file to define our API Gateway and Lambda configuration, as well as request schema to block invalid requests at an early stage.
    • Use API Gateway Authorizer to validate tokens, and also use its cache mechanism to speedup API response time
    • Integrate 4 API services to allow our customer screening risk of a blockchain address
  • Sygna Back Office
    • Developing using Typescript
    • Use Apollo Federation GraphQL server and microservice to build our back-end service, and run it on AWS ECS
    • Use DynamoDB Stream to synchronize our key-value-based data to Postgres DB, for further complex data queries
    • Fronend developing using ReactJS
  • Sygna Gate/Hub
    • Developing using Golang
    • There are two versions:
      • SaaS version deploys using AWS API Gateway and Lambda
      • On-premise version released using Docker container, customers can run it on their infrastructure.
    • Integrate TRISA travelrule protocol, communicate through gRPC
    • Integrate Shyft travelrule protocol, synchronize Shyft network node, and communicate through smart contracts on chain
    • Integrate multiple KYT(Know Your Transaction) and sanction screening services, let our customer screen the risk of blockchain transactions easily
  • Deploy using AWS CDK to quickly replicate infrastructure between multiple environments
  • Use Github Action and AWS Codebuild to automate CI/CD workflow

Software Engineer  •  Perpetual Protocol

2022.5 - 2022.6

  • Build a Discord bot that query protocol usage. If trade happens, it will send a message to a Discord channel.
  • Use The Graph (a GraphQL service) to query and analyze protocol usage
  • Build a Telegram bot that notifies when price go above or below than predefined value.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate



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