HazaratAli Kalyal

I have competent professional experience with around 14+ Years in CAD Support, CAD/PDM Implementation, PLM, Engineering Tool Evaluation, Training, MBD, IoT Platform applications,  Product Design, Reverse Engineering, Mold Design, 

Senior Consultant / CAD & PDM Analyst
Bangalore, IN
[email protected]

  +91 9538902313


  • Working as a tower lead for CAD PDM, supporting global user community with 100+ CAD, CAE and multiple PLM application, which involves testing, tool evaluation, application Implementation, and support 
  • Excellent knowledge of product design, CAD data management & CAD application troubleshooting. 
  • Strong Knowledge of CAD and PDMlink (Pro E/Creo, Solid Works, NX, AutoCAD, Windchill & Teamcenter Etc.) 
  • Hands-on Experience in Model-based definition (MBD) process implementations.
  • Hands-on Experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) process & implementation for CAD applications. 
  • Hands-on experience in leading software upgrades and sustenance projects
  • Ability to design and produce detailed models and drawings of Plastics, Sheet metal, Casting and injection molds
  • Hands-on Experience in Project Management
  • Ability to solve all CAD & PDMlink related issues 
  • Designing and crafting innovative and interactive 3D experiences from Vuforia Studio storyboards
  • Ability to provide creative input to clients regarding facets of CAD & Development, Digital Design, etc.…  


Software Skills 

  • PRO-E / Creo with 
    • part (solid & sheet metal) , Assembly & Drawing
    • Manufacturing (Mold Cavity), EMX - Export Mold
    • Surface Design- ISDX, IDD - Import data doctor 
    • Plastic advisor, Mechanism & Animation
  • PDMLink-Windchill & Teamcenter
    • Technical Support 
    • System & Business Administration
  • PLM - Windchill & Enovia
  • TE Projects / MSP Projects 
  • NX (Siemens), Solid Works, AutoCAD
  • Anrak (MBD publishing), Keyshot (Rendering Tool) 
  • Space claim (Direct Molding Tool) 
  • E-drawing, Creo View (CAD Viewer) 
  • Creo Illustrate, Autodesk Publisher (Animation Tool)
  • Vuforia Studio  
  • 3D Evolution (CAD model Healing/Repair Tool)
  • TECCreo, TECid, TECworks, TECacad (TE Connectivity Customize application) 

Personal skills 

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Project Management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team Management
  • Work allocation
  • Capable of working in different environments
  • Hard working and innovative
  • Quick Learner
  • Multi-Tasking

Professional Skills 

  • Plastic Product Design 
  • Mold Design 
  • MBD process implementations 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) process & implementation
  • Exposure to GD&T & GPS 
  • Experience in Automotive, Mechanical & electro-mechanical Design 
  • Application Testing 
  • CAD / PDM Technical support 
  • Tool Evaluation 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Training


  • English 
  • Kannada
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Tamil


  • Result oriented team player
  • Risk and time management skills
  • Highly enthusiastic to learn
  • Self-motivated
  • Total commitment attitude
  • Flexible depending on the situation


HCL Technology  Ltd,  December 2021 -Present (Till date)

Role: SENIOR TECHNICAL LEAD, Digital Design tech PLM                                                            www.hcl.com
Key Accountabilities: 
  • Working as a tower lead for CAD PDM, supporting global user community with 100+ CAD, CAE and multiple PLM application, which involves  testing, tool evaluation, application Implementation, and support 
  • Managing and allocating work to team members 
  • Testing and implementation of new enhancements of all CAD & PDM application 
  • Leading multiCAD Software upgrade projects 
  • Leading SQL/DB OS upgrade  project  -uplifting the server OS to higher version for 100+ applications 
  • Handling Windchill workgroup manager, CPS upgrade activity  
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Capgemini Technology Service India Pvt Ltd,  July 2017 -December 2021 

Role: Senior Consultant, Digital Design Team                                                                www.capgemini.com
Key Accountabilities: 
  • Rebadge to Capgemini from TE Connectivity and supporting TE Connectivity as Clint
  • Working as a Team lead for CAD PDM Core team, which involves, testing, tool evaluation, & tool Implementation, 
  • Managing and allocating work to team members 
  • Testing and implementation of new enhancements of all CAD & PDM application 
  • Involved in implementing MBD & IoT Platform in TE connectivity  
  • Leading Creo Software upgrade projects 
  • Leading DFM tool evaluation project  
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TE Connectivity, Bangalore, September 2012 - June 2017 (5 Years)

Role: Senior Analyst /CAD Support, Digital Enterprise Solutions Team        www.te.com 

Key Accountabilities:

  • Application troubleshooting in CAD/PDM platform. 
  • Involved in Implementation of Windchill Technology Part (TCPN) & Engineering BOM (EBOM) 
  • Involved in Implementation of Digital Part Management (DPM) of Digital initiative project, this includes consolidation of CADapps attributes with PDMlink 
  • Involved and Executed tasks in Software upgrade projects like Tool Evaluation, Testing, Training, Support, and Deployment 
  • Leading maintenance release of custom applications on a quarterly basis. 
  • Evaluate, prioritize and implement BU requests on a custom application. 
  • Lead/Involve in new Software evaluation projects
  • Execute projects which improve existing Engineering Processor benefits in cost savings.
  • Manage knowledge base (Best Practice) documents using SharePoint. 
  • Create/Manage library files such as Symbols, Formats, Templates, UDFs and Macros. 
  • Work on  Geometry healing, FBT from CAD A to CAD B & Engg design activities. 
  • Architecting "A" Class (G_, G0, G1, G2) surface design request 
  • Involvement in the implementation of Digital initiatives, such as MBD, CAD Animations, IoT Platform  

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Geometric Ltd, Bangalore September 2010 - September 2012 (2 Years)

Role: Design Engineer, Caterpillar Power System team                    www.geometricglobal.com
Key Accountabilities: 
  • Was working for Caterpillar-EDC, India. 
  • 3D Modeling, Detailing, Assembly and releasing drawings for production through Teamcenter
  • Develop models & drawings in compliance with customer standards & practices
  • Tasks performed in line with Quality manual procedures 
  • Coordinating the day to day work planning, scheduling, and monitoring projects. 
  • Manage project documents, requirements, records, methodology, templates, standards 
  • Formulating projects by interacting with principals and meeting quality targets & delivery 
  • Assisting in an interpretation of specifications in drawings, concepts & Troubleshooting. 
  • Responsible for project execution, coordination, and delivery 
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Kruthi Computer, August 2008 - September 2010 (2 Years)

Role: Design Engineer,                                                            www.capricot.com
Key Accountabilities 
  • Provides Engineering Services and Training Services to the customers in the Manufacturing, Automotive & Aerospace, and Architecture & Civil Engineering. 
  • Plastic Product Design 
  • Mold Design 
  • Electrode Design 
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Electroplast Pvt Ltd , August 2007 - August 2008 (1 Years)

Role: Design Engineer,                                                www.electroplasts.com
Its a Sister concern company of Kruthi computers
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Major Projects 

Digital Design / CAD&PDM Administration Projects
  • Creo Parametric 3.0 & 4.0 Upgrade 
  • MBD CAD Animation 
  • MBD process implementation 
  • PDMlink -Windchill Upgrade 

  • PTC Design Exploration Extension (DEX) Evaluation 
  • TECcreo (Custom Application) maintenance releases 
  • Engineering Workstation and PTC account cleanup  
  • DFM & Feature-Based Translation & Animation Tool Evaluation
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Projects & Activities 

  • Compatibility Check of stakeholder application 
  • Evaluate configurations 
  • Application testing 
  • Training (customization & proctoring) 
  • Software implementation 
  • Production support 
  • Participate in Regression testing, 

  • Execute the UAT cycle and assist BU participants 
  • CreateTips & Tricks, Best practice documents, & videos 
  • Vendor Coordination 
  • Conduct Key user meetings 
  • Collect and prepare data sets 
  • Consolidate results & prepare scorecard for evaluated applications 
  • Run pilot project with involvement with BU Finalize & circulate project report to management 
  • Promoting application in Key user meetings and TECH shows

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Design and Development Projects 

  • Injection mold & Reverse Engineering for Mobile Pos assembly, Billing Machine 
  • 1400 frame CD generators
  • 3D modeling of ABB MCCB & 3D modeling of WELDING GUN
  • Single Cavity Automatic injection mold
  • Mold  Design for Electrical enclosures, Helmet Assembly, Front Bezel, Punching Machine Case, Air filter for an automotive & 3plate mold for Battery Case

Projects & Activities 

  • Concept Design, Product Design 
  • Model Creation, Surface Modeling 
  • Drawing Creation with GD&T

  • Assembly interferences Design 
  • Core Cavity extraction, Mold Design 
  • Conduct review meetings  
  • Following PDM & PLM process by using Teamcenter 
  • "A" Class (G_, G0, G1, G2) surface design


B. Tech in Mechanical Sep 2009- August 2012 (74%)

I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical at JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University University (Distance learning)

Post Diploma In Platic Mold Design June 2006 - June 2007 (71%)

I have completed my PDPMD from Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), MYSORE

Diploma in Plastic Mold Technology May 2003 - May 2006 (68%)

I have completed my DPMT from Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), MYSORE

S.S.P.N April 2003 (60%)

I have pursued my 10th at S.S.L.C High School Byadgi

Personal Details 

  • Father’s name              Mohammed-Ali. 
  • Date of birth                16-03-1987 
  • Nationality                    Indian 
  • Marital Status & Sex    Single & Male 


I hereby declare that the above-said information is true to the best of my knowledge.                                                        

Hazaratali kalyal.

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