Saffi Peng

3.5 years in Swift, 3+ years in C, 1+ years in QML/C++.
Now focus on Swift.

[email protected]  |  Taipei, Taiwan


I am a programmer with 8 years of experience in programming. I have an interest in programming, especially associated with UI and application. It's the main reason to start to study Swift and change to develop the iOS App. There're other languages I'd ever used in the previous jobs, but I focus on Swift now.

In the past job, I had a lot of time to work alone without team members. It makes me use to solve problems on my own. And train me the ability to research and find the solutions too. In my free time, I also study some new tech articles and discuss them with friends, even try to implement in my projects. Even there're many problems I had or will face in my work, still not lower my interests in programming.

In future work, I expect to accumulate more experience in the iOS App development, more familiar with different design patterns and add Unit tests to increase the quality of code. To make the skills leaner and widely.





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Bitrise (CI/CD)



Version control



八寶數位媒體(好事聯播網), Mar. 2019 - Present

iOS Developer

Develop Baabao 八寶線上電台 App using Swift.

  • Use MVVM / VIPER
  • Implement new features
  • Unit Test use Quick/Nimble
  • Use CocoaPods to manage 3-party Libs
  • Release App to App Store
  • Build CI/CD

台灣資信 M800, Aug. 2018 - Mar. 2019

iOS Developer

Develop Maaii App using Swift and some Objective-C. Also using CocoaPods.

  • Solve App issues
  • Implement new features
    • 3-way call
    • QR code
    • Web Link preview

奇游科技 KIYU, Aug. 2017 - Aug. 2018

App SDK Developer

Develop iOS SDK for Login and payment using Swift.

  • Design SDK UI, flow, functions, code architecture
  • Implement SDK
    • UI & flow
    • FB Login, Apple IAP functions
  • Prepare SDK instruct document
  • Design Test Plan
  • Solve the problems from the users using SDK 

源思科技 LoftTech, Sep. 2016 - Jun. 2017

App Developer

Develop Juiker App the Mac OS X version using Swift with Cocoa framework.

  • Modify code from Swift 2/Objective-C to Swift 3
  • Core data create/control
  • Add new features: UI & functions

光寶科技 LiteOn, Jul. 2015 - Aug. 2016 

Software Engineer

Develop GUI functions on Biological Test Device using QML & JavaScript. Sometimes modify application using C++ (Qt).

  • Add new GUI & functions
  • Design GUI flow & implements
  • Design GUI code architecture
    • Define Classes for different GUI cells on page 
    • GUI code integration

圓揚科技 Coordiwise, Aug. 2014 - May 2015

Software Engineer

Develop Bluetooth firmware based on CSR chip using C.

  • Implement A2DP/HFP/AVRCP profile
  • Implement TWS functions on A2DP
  • Implement NFC functionsCoordiwise, Aug. 2014 - May 2015 Develop Bluetooth firmware based on CSR chip using C. Implement A2DP/HFP/AVRCP profile Implement TWS functions on A2DP Implement NFC functions

振曜科技 Netronix, Dec. 2013 - Jul. 2014

Software Engineer

Develop Public Test Tool and integrate all Test functions for all products by using C++ (Qt). There are two modes in test tool: Engineer mode & Operator mode. Engineers set Test Plan on Engineer mode and store into an ini file. And then load ini file on Operator mode and run in production line.

華晶科技 Altek, Aug. 2011 - Oct. 2013

Software Engineer

Develop GUI on Camera using C.

  • Modify GUI flow, pages, features.
    • Fine tune GUI & flow control
    • Maintain review functions, e.g., display image, Magnify, image post-processing, etc.
    • Add new GUI functions, e.g., touch animation, etc..
  • Maintain script for auto testing.


Master's degree of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Bachelor's degree of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Asia University, Taiwan

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