Sagar Joshi

Java developer

I have over 2 years of expertise working on java technology. I have built so many tools and helped a lot of team members save their time. I have created those tools with the help of spring batch module provided by spring framework. I'm currently looking forward to moving to frontend technology and I have prepared myself by creating a lot of projects.

  Pune, Maharashtra, India


Work Experience

Associate Consultant

Atos Syntel

June 2018 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

— Actively worked in an agile software development environment which utilized the Scrum process.
— Understanding the requirement from client and creating batch jobs according to it by using Spring Batch.
— Automating manual tasks by connecting with respective teams and create tools which help them save more time.
— Creating and supporting Jenkins jobs if any failure comes in picture.
— Updating tools and codes in case of upgrades.
— Monitoring Jobs in order to keep them up and running every time.

Full stack development [Spring + Angular] Intern

Value e-Lab

April 2017 - October 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

— Learning front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, TS, Angular.
— Learning back end technologies such as Java, advanced Java, Spring boot.
— Learning testing technologies and tools such as Selenium, TestNG, postman.
— Created a complete big project from front to back end with team of 4 members.

Personal Projects

Personal Portfolio & Blog

I have created personal portfolio by writing code in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.

I have hosted this portfolio by taking domain and writes blogs daily.

E-Commerce site

I have created e-commerce site to help people make their professional career growth by providing premium and quality content.

My products on this project site are - 'Premium resume templates designed by me and my colleague, programming languages related notes'.

I don't charge to give them these contents but have implemented payment system, if anyone loved the content and want's to buy me a coffee then he/she can do it.


Dr. Dy Patil ACS College, Pimpri

Computer Science

2015 - 2018


   HTML      CSS      Bootstrap      Angular      Spring

   Java    Jenkins   

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