Wu Cheng Ju

Full-Stack engineer/data engineer  •  

Taipei Special Municipality,TW  •  

I have three years of experience in coding c++, python. almost one year of Full-Stack Engineer and some experience of Algorithm trading, hope to be a powerful full-stack engineer and financial engineer.


Web Programming


Javascript ES7, CSS3, HTML5,ReactJs



NodeJs, Express, MySQL, PHP, RESTAPI

Data Engineering

Data Process & Visualize : 
Pandas, numpy, matplotlib,d3
Web Scrawler:
request, phantom, selenium, css-selector,scrapy
Analysis: Scikit-learn


Backtest stock price with Algorithm and visualize the chart with Python Modules.

Also research the Company with it's financial statement and future prospect

Work Experience

TRADE-VAN Information Services Co., Data Science intern, Jul 2019 ~ Now

1. Use nlp skills to analysis Consumer dispute data from government's department
2. FrontEnd coding and data visualize with d3.js

3. Dockerized container research about postgreSQL


CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd., Full-Stack Engineer, Jul 2018 ~ Aug 2019

Help to build a versatile SalesKit website and included complete Front-end/Back-end function , visualize customer limit data and built number of crawlers to maintain data integrity throughout the system, Makes Treasury Market Units easier for customer's limit check and Deal pre-check .
Also help to build a git-server-likely system to separate the Formal/Test environment on two computer despite the internal fire wall block the file transfer protocal.
Other works include use Bloomberg, Reuter API to fetch daily FX close rate and visualize with line chart



National Central University, Master’s Degree, Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2019 ~ 2021

After starting the semester in software engineering at National Central University, my adviser assign me to work on Data ETL system project, the system provide Unsupervised data extraction and can export customized data API to clients. In this project, I stand for system part, including Front-End ( React.js ) and Back-End (Egg.js) side .

National Taipei University, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2015 ~ 2019

In the second semester of  2018, I help my friend to build a Front-end Self-Study  group called FESP,
In this year, we had studied many Front-end technology including basic web knowledge or framework such as reactJs .


Library search system

Linked Taipei, Xinpei, Taipei University library and use a  App UI to search books. check book's remain amount and links to library backend system to check borrowing status.

I lead a team to develop crawler programs, and deploy it on google cloud function, let us trigger function without server.

Tank War online version

Design a tank game base on TankWar 1990 on C# and I write a server to let two client fight, use Client-Side rendering on render client's panel and asynchronous callback on listening.

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