My name is Yang Shenghsiang. I was born in Guanxi Town, Hsinchu County in 1987. You also can call me Sam. There are currently six members in the family. They are grandmothers who have reached their old age. Both parents have retired. Both sister and sister-in-law are working in the technology industry. The three-generation family is always filled with a warm and happy atmosphere. When studying abroad or during work, when we are tired or injured, home is the warmest castle and the source of happiness in life.
The 8 years of work experience is a process of cultivating solid basic work concepts and professional abilities. During this process, I have a deep understanding of the experience shared by the predecessors. It also makes me want to challenge myself even more. And hope to be able to learn from first-class enterprises and talents, and continue to grow and improve.

  Hsinchu County, Taiwan    

work experience

二月 2020 - 九月 2021

Group leader

Friendship-Rubber industry Ltd.

1. Responsible for manufacturing production
and material coordination .
2. Control the production schedule, delivery
date and output in the factory.
3. Production line planning and management to
increase production capacity and reduce
4. Personnel work supervision and performance

五月 2017 - 十二月 2019


00spraying Ltd.

Annual operation planning, supply chain management, product line management.

五月 2015 - 二月 2016

Assistant engineer

wellthin technology Ltd.

Semiconductor equipment maintenance, installation, new product development.

二月 2014 - 四月 2015


Liyang Aluminum Co., Ltd.

1. Establish standard production line capacity.
2. Project schedule planning.
3. Auto Cad drawing .
4. Customer relationship maintenance.


National Taipei University of Technology


2005 - 2009


  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • AutoCAD
  • Account Management
  • Financial Analysis


  • English — primary
  • Japanese — primary
  • Thai — primary
  • Chinese — advanced
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