Sammy Chen


  New Taipei City, Taiwan

An enthusiastic and target-oriented sales/recruiter with 2 + years of working experience. Sales functional position experience in startup and multicultural environment. Keep mastering delivering the culture and service of the company to clients and business partners with a sales mindset. Believe in enlightened and enlightening through conversation.

Mail: [email protected]


Work Experience

Consultant (Headhunter)  •  Glints

December 2021 - Present

Main Duty:

  1. Outreaching ideal candidates by different methods (cold call, connecting on Linkedin, CakeResume, 104, and interpersonal connections, etc.) for clients, especially in the front-end software field.
  2. Representing the clients to deliver the background, culture, and job description to ideal CDDs.
  3. Understanding the background, strengths, and motivation of CDDs and recommending suitable positions for them.
  4. Coaching CDDs on interviews and providing industry information.
  5. Assisting both clients and CDDs in negotiation at the offer stage.


  1. 2022 Internal Recruits War 1st place (over 547,000 NTD team revenue within two months).
  2. Assisted a junior CDD to raise the annual salary by over 15% from the original offer.
  3. Highest recommendation to interview rate (over 69%) in 2022 S1.

Chief of Business Developer  •  TutorABC

April 2021 - December 2021

Main Duty:

  1. Outreaching to the potential customer (80% from cold calls and 20% from the inbound list), introducing products, and inviting them to join demo classes.
  2. Navigating the demo class, and then establish a learning plan, quote, and close the deal.
  3. Customer relationship maintenance.
  4. Dealing with the after-service and customer complaints of VIP customers.
  5. Educating and managing new recruits, helping them with building their personal sales style, and passing the probation.


  1. Achieved a quarterly performance of over 1.6 million NTD.
  2. Dealt with VIP complaint cases and turn these cases into advanced deals.
  3. Assigned by the product manager and business director as one of the designated salespeople for the new product line - Online Coding Course.

Application Supporting Engineer (FAE) & Customer Service Associate  •  Advantek Taiwan Inc.

February 2020 - March 2021

Main Duty (Application Supporting Engineer):

  1. Providing product-relative application information and test performed statistics to customers.
  2. Analyzing the competitor's products and market trends.
  3. Controlling supplier quality and auditing.

Main Duty(Customer service Associate):

  1. Proving requested business information to customers, and shipping.
  2. Representing customers to negotiate with other departments internally.
  3. Customer relationships and business share maintenance.

Presentation and Business Trainer (Side Project)  •  Invention Switch

August 2020 - Present

Main Duty:

  1. Provide English/Chinese presentation instruction and business courses for students.
  2. Instruct students to prepare presentation materials and propaganda for their product.
  3. Dealing with exhibition issues and arranging other affairs, leading students and groups attending an exhibition.


  1. 2020 Kaohsiung International Invention Exhibition - Instruct two teams of students to participate in the competition and win one gold and one silver.
  2. 2021 Croatian Invention Exhibition - Instruct two teams of students to participate and win one gold and one silver.
  3. 2021 Kaohsiung International Invention Exhibition - Instructed three teams of students to participate in the competition and won two golds and one silver.


2019 - 2019

Universidad de Jaén

Sociology and Administration (International Student Program)

2016 - 2019

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Applied Foreign Language

Special Licenses & Certifications

Remedial Educator License(English and Maths)

Yonglin Foundation

Software Application National Certificate

Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training

International Trade Operation National Certificate

Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training


Human Resource

  • Recruitment
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interview
  • Training
  • Industry Analysis


  • Business Development
  • Business Analysis
  • CRM
  • Commercial Presentation
  • Sales Team Management


  • English — Professional 
  • TOEIC 890 & TOFEL 85
  • Chinese — Native
  • Spanish — Mid Level
  • Japanese — Primary
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