Yi-Xun, Tseng 曾奕勳 

I am Front-End engineer at Yahoo currently and I enjoy to develop the applications for many people and I also pursue the high-quality development spirit. I am familiarly with Javascript, React.js, Redux and Node.js. I have co-work experience with other engineers and development experience in CI/CD, such as code-review with Github flow, unit test, building code and deploy to different environment (beta, stage, prod, etc).
I am looking forward to take my next career step in the respected organization dedicated to world class quality.

   [email protected]     +886-0983-535-829     Age 23

 Experience & Projects 

2018/09 ~ present - Software engineer (Front-End) at VerizonMedia (Yahoo), Taipei, Taiwan

    I am currently Front-End engineer at EC-team that responsibility for developing and maintaining the projects below and I primarily use Node.jsReact.js, Redux and more to develop the Isomorphic Server Rendering web apps:

       1. Yahoo 刷報  
            - Refactoring and develop common React components which can be used on non-amp pages and amp pages.
            - Performance enhancement, ex: Image lazy loading, Skeleton Screen and avoiding reflow or repaint  on DOM tree.
            - Integrating AMP pages and PWA features.
            - Unit test by Jest.

       2. Yahoo campaign gaming for 3EC platform mobile application (3EC => store, shopping, auction)  
            - Cookie problem troubleshooting and collaborating with Back-End engineer to integrate game's api.
            - Refactoring the code to serve multiple games on different platform at the same time.
            - Solving application state management problem by using Javascript closure.
            - CI/CD pipeline (AWS, Packer, ScrewDriver), ex: Migrating to new version of ScrewDriver, handle the issue of AWS

       3. Yahoo Shopping 購物中心 
            - Developing the features that automatically crawl data from csv file and generate the JSON file as data source for app.
            - Developing shopping components for the EC activities by React.js, Redux and Node.js, ex: 雙11 event filter, etc.

       4. Apex, the internal website of organizing EC api documents
            - CI/CD Pipeline rebuilding, migrating from AWS to internal platform.
2017/07 ~ 2018/09 - Web development (Full-Stack) engineer at Arkkers (亞科國際), Kaohsiung, Taiwan
     I was responsibility for developing the projects where companies sign contracts with customers, the most projects are custom official website with simple management system, therefore I did the Full-Stack development with PHP MVC framework Codeigniter, Angular2+, Vue.js, Ionic, MySQL and I also have experience of release app to Play store and App store.
        1. Hcpower webSite                   2. Hualien County long term care center webSite 
        3. MONSIN webSite                   4. SWAN webSite                   5. Hot springs booking app    
2018/06 ‐ Best Creativity Award in Hackthon final and preliminary which hold by NKFUST    
    It was very luck for me that I could have a chance to learned about what is the Maker spirit before I graduated. In this Hackthon, the idea of me and my partner was redesign the household water meter to allow users to monitor the use of water with blockchain technology and another idea which reduce the conflict between renewable energy and environmental protection with special wind power design, Finally our ideas were favored by the judges and we got these awards. 

 Skills (Familiar)

- Web: HTML, CSS, jQuery 

- Language: JavaScript 

- Frameworks: React.js, Express 

- Runtime Env: Node.js 

- State Managing: Redux 

- Module Bundle: Webpack 

- Google AMP, Progressive web app (PWA)

- CI/CD, Unit test, Git Flow 

- Isomorphic Server Rendering

 Skills (Used)

- Language: JAVA, PHP 

- Frameworks: Vue.js, Angular2+, Ionic

- Cloud: AWS 

- DataBase: MySQL

 Certification & Education.

- Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer  

- Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 

 - Department of information management ( 2014 ~ 2018 )

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