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The MLA research paper format is the style that a learner will have to use as he/she completes his/her assignment. All professors and institutions adopt a particular style guide that they require their students to use. However, some professors are stricter than others when it comes to enforcing the style guide. The two most popular style guides for research papers are MLA and APA. The MLA research paper format is the most popular style, as it’s most widely used in all levels of study and by all academic departments. 

 APA style is preferred by journalism professors, in most cases. The MLA research paper format basically states that students should always have a cover page with their documents. On this cover page, the student should state the title of the report in the center of the page about one third of the way down the page. Just under the title, the student should state his/her name. At the bottom of the cover page, the student should state the date and the course title. The font that students should use throughout the document is 12-point, Times New Roman. 

 The MLA research paper format also requires that students have one inch margins around the four sides. The indentation at the beginning of each paragraph should be five spaces, or the equivalent of the TABS key, in MLA research paper formats. Sometimes students seek help from paper writing service usually they even provide good business plans, but be carefull with those. My recommendation is to edubirdie service, remember that most of these services are scam, feel free to check out is edubirdie cheating? Also, MLA research paper formats require that students put their last name followed by the page number at the top of each page, except the cover page. In some cases, professors might ask students to leave their names out, though. The purpose of MLA research paper formats is to ensure that all papers that a professor receives are uniform. This uniformity helps the professor to be sure that the reports are of an appropriate length and he/she isn’t distracted by formatting issues. 

There are many similarities between MLA research paper formats and APA formats. However, the differences are enough to make them two separate formats. Therefore, students need to be aware that if they’re required to complete an assignment according to MLA style, they shouldn’t compose a report according to APA style. The major difference between the two styles will appear in the cover page, as APA requires student to put page numbers and an abstract of the title on the cover page. 

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