Sean Chang

Project Manager • Marketing / PR Personnel
[email protected] / (+886) 917-666-639 


B.S.,Industrial Engineering and Systems Management, 2013

Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan


● Axure RP

● Scrum

● Seven Basic Tools of Quality


● Trello

● XMind


● Apple Podcasts Connect

● Google Analytics

● Google Trend



Matsumi Consultant Company

Marketing / PR Personnel|September 2019 - September 2020

  • Develop retail business opportunities in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong
  • Create business proposals for retailers, coordinate for retail clients and suppliers
  • Establish timelines and produce deliverables for retailers
  • Operate our social medias, create effective strategies to promote our brands and platforms
  • Establish multimedia projects
  • Edit press releases for our brands, send out to other medias to expose them
  • Cooperate with public relations firms
  • Developed and opened up overseas businesses, let our brands successfully marched into China and Hong Kong markets
  • Led the podcast project, including content planning and producing, made the program becomes the first channel for fashion and trendy culture in Chinese area
  • The podcast channel was played by more than 2,000 times and got 84th place on Apple Podcast within a month
  • Adjusted the strategies of social medias, made the percentage of Instagram's new followers increased 150 times within a week, the total followers increased 1.53 times within 3 months
  • Led the Stay Home Snap project for our social media during pandemic of COVOD-19, became the first Asian online media to interviewed Steven Smith (design director of Adidas YEEZY) and JB Madeit (music producer of Drake), expand our media platforms and brands to overseas

Rich Shine International Co., Ltd.

Project Manager • B2B Business|November 2014 — April 2019

  • Interact with clients for product research and development, offer advises and assistance
  • Attend sales meeting in the U.S. to set up the goals and improvements for upcoming projects
  • Plan out development processes and compile clients' concepts
  • Approach the suppliers, source and collect materials to develop new products
  • Organize the materials and create BOMs
  • Set up the timeline to arrange every processes
  • Create product specs and depict the key points to technicians and operators by XMind
  • Inspect the processes on production line to control the quality and outcome
  • Calculate the material usage, cost finding and provide product cost to clients
  • Technology transfer to bulk production, make sure the projects going well
  • Imported scheduling and management systems like Scrum and Kanban into the factory
  • Led the R&D team and suppliers to successfully develop the VIO-NRG arch support midsole for VIONIC in 2015, it made Rich Shine becomes VIONIC's exclusive active footwear vendor. The production of VIONIC was 90 percent of Rich Shine's total production. Over 30 models were put into production, more than 1 million pairs were made, the revenue was about US$19 million
  • Worked with NBALAB to develop their first footwear project, produced two models of skate shoes for Lakers, Knicks, Warriors and other 11 popular teams in 2017.
  • Led the first footwear project of wrestling gear brand RUDIS in 2018. There were three models be produced, including Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder's signature shoes and successfully developed the first 3D KPU outsole in the market. There were 29 thousand pairs be made, the revenue was US$850 thousand in that year
  • Led the first footwear project of AAPE (I.T Limited) in 2018, developed five models and three of them were put into production within six months. These models are still be produced as yet.
  • Successfully attained orders from 5 new brands for Rich Shine within three years, more than 100 thousand pairs were produced, revenue was about US$2 million


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My name is Sean Chang, graduated from Feng Chia University, where I majored in Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management. I am keen on shoes and sneakers, so I started my career at Rich Shine International Co., Ltd., a shoe factory based in Dongguan, China after honorably discharged from military.

By working for this company and visiting various kinds of vendors over the years, I established different types of knowledge. These experiences became the cornerstone of my abilities on material, management, research and development. As my experience increased, I have the capability to organize the works from client, factory to supplier and served as a project manager and imported scheduling and management systems like Scrum and Kanban into the factory.

At this position, I believe it’s important to equipoise “client’s ideal” and “manufacture’s reality”, make the production achieves the highest benefits. From 2014 to 2019, I've led the footwear development projects of Aape (I.T Limited), NBALAB, etc., developed hundreds of models and over one million pairs were put into production. These products brought more than USD 20 million of revenue for Rich Shine.

Due to family reason, I returned to Taiwan in April 2019. Because of my passion for footwear, clothing and textile, I joined Matsumi Consultant Company, an agent of Japanese clothing brands. I work as a Marketing / PR Personnel, expand the businesses for our brands and head the media projects to enhance the reputation for them.

My retail clients including the high-end boutiques like 03 Tokyo (Bellavita), Onefifteen and Plain-Me in Taiwan. I also successfully developed the Chinese and Hong Kong market, built the businesses with 432Hz (Hong Kong), Rivets (Shanghai/Beijing) and The New Fusion (Wuhan), let our brands march into overseas market.


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03 Tokyo (Bellavita)

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432Hz(Hong Kong)

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The New Fusion(Wuhan)


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Lead the media projects to promote our brands. Set up the TA and improve the conversion rate on website, Facebook and Instagram by articles, press releases and collaboration with retailers.

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Established the Podcast channel to promote our brands, also implement the advertorials of sponsors. This podcast channel was played by more than 2,000 times and got 84th place on Apple Podcast within a month

CLIENTS (RICH SHINE: 2014 - 2019)

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● An American footwear brand of Caleres Inc.

● I was in charge of developing for Vionic's products since 2015, including the project of VIONIC's featured technique - "VIO-NRG", a built-in orthotic arch support design

● More than 30 models were put into production, over 1 million pairs were made and the revenue was US$19 million

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● An American wrestling-gear brand

● I led the first footwear project of Rudis in 2018. There were included Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder's signature shoes and the first 3D KPU outsole in the market.

● 3 models were put into production, 29,000 pairs were made, the revenue was about US$850,000

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● A streetwear label founded by I.T Limited (Hong Kong) and Bape (Japan)

● I was in charge of their first footwear project in 2018

● Developed five models and three of them were put into production within six months. The quantity was over 10,000 pairs and the revenue was about US$480,000. These models are still be produced as yet.

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● A casual-wear brand of NBA

The first footwear project of NBALAB was started from 2017, two different models of skate shoes were developed for 14 most popular teams. There were more than 20,000 pairs put into production

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● An English football equipment brand of Iconix Brand Group, Inc

● I took care of Umbro's development projects in 2016, there were 6 models put into production, 20,000 pairs were made and the revenue was US$250,000

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● An American orthotics brand that founded in 1946

● I was in charge of Aetrex's development projects from 2017 to 2018. During this period, 3 models were put into production, 10,000 pairs were produced and the revenue was US$180,000



Both Vionic and Aetrex are brands for orthotic products; Vionic is a subsidiary of Caleres Inc., an American footwear enterprise group. They provide arch-support functions to reduce users’ pain in the trendy looking shoes.

The featured technique “VIO-NRG” of Vionic was developed from early 2015, and debuted in mid 2016. We set the arch support function on EVA midsole and made the surface of midsole 3D. After almost one year researching and testing, we found the best support area, shape and hardness. Instead of traditional insole, we took memory foam and Poron foam as midsole board to make the footbed fits users’ feet better.

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Rudis contributes to wrestling culture and started their footwear projects in 2018. They provide products to youths and adults, including the signature shoe "Snyder Caliga" for Kyle Snyder, the gold medalist of Rio 2016 Olympics.

The shoes are themed on engineered knit upper, engineered mesh upper and translucent CPU outsole, combined with HF welding, heat pressing, embroidery, etc. These complex processes make our products distinguish from the wrestling shoes in the market.

Underwent a whole year testing with the athletes, we divided the upper into stretchy and non-stretchy areas for the best comfort and strength; Kyle Snyder also got a medal in his "Caliga" when he participated the 2018 World Wrestling Championships.

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Aape was founded by I.T Limited and A Bathing Ape (Bape), it has over 70 stores opened around the globe which are sitting in Japan, United States, Taiwan, China, etc.

Aape started their first footwear project in 2018. Besides the products, I also helped them to establish the standards of physical & chemical testing, QC, packing and shipment because their footwear department was just founded.

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Aape launched three models in SS19, two of them were active sneakers that featured by engineered knit uppers and IP midsoles, embellished with pop-out printings, silica gel printings and embroideries.

The third style was “chunky shoe”, a casual sneaker that featured by complicated materials, workmanship and heavy-looking outsole, which were the most popular elements in fashion. These models are still be produced until now.

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A casual-wear brand of NBA, their products included clothing, accessories, backpacks and skateboards. 

They decided to start the footwear project in 2017; The models we developed couldn't breach the contract between NBA and NIKE, and have to solve the problems of tax registrations. We finally put two models of skate shoes into production for the Lakers, Knicks, Warriors and other 11 popular teams.

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