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(*^▽^*) J'aime Facebook gratuitement😊générateur de j'aime facebook EXCLUSIF: L'éditeur conservateur de livres pour enfants Brave Books a déclaré que Facebook avait débranché son compte publicitaire jeudi sans explication et a immédiatement rejeté l'appel de l'éditeur. 🔴 👉Cliquez ici maintenant pour l'obtenir gratuitement 🔴 👉Cliquez ici maintenant pour l'obtenir gratuitement Le compte a été restauré après que Fox News Digital a contacté Facebook pour obtenir une explication. Brave Books a déclaré que la suspension permanente des publicités Facebook par la plate-forme de médias sociaux appartenant à
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Within six months
with microfluidic structures to solve conductive issues and increase space efficiency. Developed a flexible, firm and bio- compatible brain pressure measuring device to prevent common brain injuries during the operation. Assisted laboratory members and myself to conduct experiments with self-devised S ilicon mold that is designed by Ledit. Work Experience Research Assistant Industrial Technology Research Institute • JanAug 2020 Project: The hardware communication integration and interface design through LabVIEW Integrated electricity meter and reciprocating motor to accomplish real-time monitoring, automatic control and data collection by LabVIEW and Arduino chips. Developed a user interface which is
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
Less than 1 year
Avatar of Joshua Frank.
Avatar of Joshua Frank.
Owner @Deep East Texas S and V LLC
2008 ~ Present
More than one year
Joshua Frank Houston-Based Business Executive An alumnus of Cardone University, Joshua Frank is a Houston-based executive who has served as partner at Deep East Texas S & V LLC sinceJoshua Frank joined the home theater and technology enterprise as a sales consultant and within months was promoted to partner. The Houston resident was appointed CEO of the business in April 2020 and, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, led it to achieve record sales for the year. As CEO of the company, Joshua Frank is responsible for operational oversight and liaising between employees and the board of
Avatar of Rich Turasky.
More than one year
Rich Turasky CEO and Founder of Capital Companies An Illinois-based financial professional and entrepreneur, Rich Turasky has worked with multiple firms throughout his career. Since 2002, Rich Turasky has served as the chief executive officer of Capital Companies, a real estate investment business that he founded. In addition to forming the firm’s strategic direction, he oversees capital deployment and portfolio performance. Since he established Capital Companies, Mr. Turasky has led it to acquire $200 million in co-investment capital and speculative investments valued at $500 million. He achieved the latter through a strategy
Avatar of William Adam Boyd.
Avatar of William Adam Boyd.
CEO @VeriPay
2009 ~ Present
More than one year
William Adam Boyd Experienced Business Leader and Entrepreneur With a career in business leadership spanning over 20 years, William Adam Boyd serves as the CEO of VeriPay, one of the fastest-growing financial service companies in the United States. A former resident of Virginia, he took over the role in 2009 and has led it to a three-year growth rate of 1,209 percent, alongside over $2 million in revenue. Besides his executive commitments at VeriPay, William Adam Boyd serves as the CEO of VeriFund and PCI Express. William Adam Boyd graduated from James Madison University
Avatar of Michael VanErdewyk.
Avatar of Michael VanErdewyk.
CO-Founder CEO @Bright Bucks Inc
2018 ~ Present
More than one year
Michael VanErdewyk Entrepreneur with Decades of Experience Over the past quarter-century, Michael VanErdewyk has founded and led several firms. From BioTech to Workers Compensation Insurance and most recently a private student loan platform. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and its subsidiaries, he led it to insure over $4 billion in private student loans and service over $500 million in private student loans. As a result, it reached over $40 million in annual revenue byMichael VanErdewyk subsequently formed Bright Bucks, where he serves as CEO. Since co-founding the company in 2018
Dakota State University
Avatar of Robert Persiano.
Avatar of Robert Persiano.
Chief Operating Officer @Seneca Resources
2019 ~ Present
More than one year
financial growth and market expansion in various regions of the United States. He also served a year as vice president of sales and a year as general manager of American south operations with the transportation industry staffing and recruitment firm PEOPLEASE. For the past year, Rob Persiano has led IT human resources resourcing and consulting services as the chief operating officer of Seneca Resources in Reston, Virginia. He ensures that Seneca has the proper operational controls and people systems to promote organizational growth in both the public and private sectors. Rosewell, VA, US Work Experience JanPresent
University of Central Florida
Hospitality Management
Avatar of Massoud Rajavi.
Avatar of Massoud Rajavi.
Leader @MEK Iran
1967 ~ Present
More than one year
1980 offering a platform that promoted freedom of speech and religion, equal rights for women and separation of church and state, but one week before the election, his participation was blocked by Khomeini. At various stages in the journey that has become MEK Iran's history, Massoud Rajavi has led it with integrity, courage, and the steadfast belief in the ideals of the small group of young, freedom-loving university students and intellectuals who formed the only Muslim revolutionary movement in Iranian history, committed to guiding the nation to a free and democratic future. Work Experience MEK Iran
Political Science
Human Resources
Legal Advice
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
More than 15 years
Teheran University
Political Law

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