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Avatar of Barry Zhang.
Avatar of Barry Zhang.
QA Project lead @Wipro Limited
2019 ~ Present
Within one month
2. Create a test plan&test case. 3.Smartphone&VR HW reliability&performance test (Power, RF, Speaker, LCM, Audio, Memory, Battery) 4.Collocation test HW&SW (Steam VR, Android System) 5.Thermal test. 6. Capable of operating the Power supply, Oscilloscope, multimeter, 8820 , CAM350 , Chamber, robotic arm) 硬體研發工程師 • ORing Industrial Networking Corp. 七月十月AP Router, POE Switch HW design. 2. SW Skillset : ORCAD and Power PCB. 3.Sample verification Test. 4.Capable of operating the Power supply
Quality Assurance
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
6-10 years
Avatar of 張為程.
Within one year
培訓且完成課程,希望將硬體結合軟體做應⽤。 Electronics Engineer(R&D CENTER) 1996, Taichung, Taiwan  rs [email protected] 技能 硬體 ◇ Altium Designer 17 ◇ CAM350 ◇ LabVIEW ◇ Arduino ◇ 焊接技能、電子儀表工具使用、電路設計 繪圖工具 ◇ AutoCAD 2D/3D ◇ 3Ds Max ◇ CATIA 軟體 ▲Languages ◇ Python ◇ C/C++ ◇ Visual C

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