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Researcher, Research and Service Military @National Central University (NCU)
2017 ~ 2019
Data Analyst、Data Engineer、Data Scientist、Customer Experience Analyst
En un mes
Big Data Analytics
GIS Application and Analysis
Listo para la entrevista
A tiempo completo / Interesado en trabajar a distancia
De 4 a 6 años
Acdamic Sinica
Earth Science System
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Admin @PT ALAS EMAS ABADI (Part of International SOS)
2021 ~ 2022
Public Relation Assistant
En el plazo de dos meses
A tiempo completo / Interesado en trabajar a distancia
De 4 a 6 años
Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Pemerintahan Abdi Negara
Bachelor Degree of Political Science
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Stand Up Comic @Self-Employed
1990 ~ Presente
Stand Up Comic
En un año
Data Analysis
A tiempo completo / Interesado en trabajar a distancia
Más de 15 años
University Of Texas at Arlington
Spanish 1411
Avatar of James Ron.
Avatar of James Ron.
2020 ~ Presente
En seis meses
James Ron Dynamic, creative, and adaptable Senior Research Professional with broad experience defining research approaches and methods, managing diverse global and domestic projects, developing useable recommendations, and reporting results to diverse audiences. . Published widely in scholarly journals and the media. Areas of expertise include : Population-based Survey Design & Analysis Relationship Building Quantitative & Qualitative Data Global Experience Project Proposal Design Remote Research Team Management Elite & Key Informant Interviews Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting Results Policies, Books & Articles Cross-Cultural Competency Resource Development Project Leadership Minneapolis, MN, USA Work Experience Owner • AZIMUTH SOCIAL
international development
Sólo a distancia
Más de 15 años
Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts Political Science
Avatar of James Ron.
Avatar of James Ron.
Professor @University of Minnesota
2011 ~ Presente
Más de un año
James Ron Diverse Senior Research Professional James Ron is an accomplished sociologist and human rights advocate who holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Stanford University and both a master of arts and a doctorate in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to teaching as a tenured professor with multiple institutions of higher learning, he has written key research reports as a consultant for Human Rights Watch, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and CARE USA. Over the course of his career, James Ron has completed a number of sociopolitical studies under
Data Analysis
Data Analytics
No está abierto a oportunidades
A tiempo completo / No está interesado en trabajar a distancia
Más de 15 años
University of California at Berkeley

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Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.