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Avatar of 徐紹舜.
Avatar of 徐紹舜.
業務襄理(期權量化交易員) @元富證券股份有限公司
2019 ~ 2022
Dans 1 mois
Taipei CityNicholas Hsu【HSU, SHAO-SHUN】 [email protected] Diverse Comprehensive Abilities: With 5 years of experience in finance, 4 years of experience in tech, and 8 years of experience in tutoring, I possess a wide range of skills and knowledge . Proprietary Trading Experience: I have experience in proprietary trading and have consistently achieved profits in volatile markets by maintaining a humble attitude. Semiconductor Hardware and Software Experience: With a background in science and engineering, I have developed trading models with a meticulous and rigorous approach. Tutoring Experience: I am patient in learning and exploring
Self Learning
Sans Emploi
Temps plein / Intéressé par le travail à distance
4 à 6 ans
Avatar of 許哲睿.
Avatar of 許哲睿.
Freelancer @Freelance
2016 ~ Présent
Plus d'1 an
members to switch to the new base. The result reduced up to 30% of the CPU usage, and fixed the system-related issues. Porting the streaming server to use Airplay and WebRTC protocol Software Engineer • DeviceVM Inc. SEPJANImplement various utility applications: Windows installer, manipulating files and Windows registry Utilities to sync user data between Windows and Linux Music player, calendar, file manager in Linux using Qt Others EDUCATIONNational Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Networking and MultimediaNational Taiwan University Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering TECHNICAL SKILLS Javascript Golang Node.js React/React Na...
Sans Emploi
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Temps plein / Intéressé par le travail à distance
10 à 15 ans
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
業務襄理 @利保國際股份有限公司
2019 ~ Présent
Business Development, Product Manager, Project Management, Business Operations, Process Design
Dans 6 mois
Google Drive
Microsoft Office
Presentation & communication skills
Temps plein / Intéressé par le travail à distance
6 à 10 ans

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Technical Skills
Specialized knowledge and expertise within the profession (e.g. familiar with SEO and use of related tools).
Ability to identify, analyze, and prepare solutions to problems.
Ability to navigate unexpected situations; and keep up with shifting priorities, projects, clients, and technology.
Ability to convey information effectively and is willing to give and receive feedback.
Time Management
Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance; and have them completed within the assigned timeline.
Ability to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and anticipate each other's demands, resulting in coordinated collective action.
Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.