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Avatar of Mumu Tseng.
Avatar of Mumu Tseng.
品牌行銷企劃 Brand Marketing Specialist @乂迪生教育科技有限公司
2022 ~ Sekarang
Dalam tiga bulan
內容,提升目標關鍵字在Google搜尋的排名。撰寫過程中注重關鍵詞的密度、標題標籤和描述標籤等基本SEO要素,使文章符合Google演算法,進而為品牌帶來自然搜尋流量。 • 負責異業合作行銷計劃,推廣線上家教服務,比如佳音英語、三星Samsung、VoiceTube、iTalkuTalk、第一銀行、兆
Google Drive
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國立台北科技大學 NTUT

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Technical Skills
Specialized knowledge and expertise within the profession (e.g. familiar with SEO and use of related tools).
Ability to identify, analyze, and prepare solutions to problems.
Ability to navigate unexpected situations; and keep up with shifting priorities, projects, clients, and technology.
Ability to convey information effectively and is willing to give and receive feedback.
Time Management
Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance; and have them completed within the assigned timeline.
Ability to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and anticipate each other's demands, resulting in coordinated collective action.
Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.