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Front-End / Back-End / Full Stack Web Developer
Avatar of TsunglinChen.
Avatar of TsunglinChen.
工程師 @臻鼎科技集團-KX智能製造部
2022 ~ Sekarang
Front-End / Back-End / Full Stack Web Developer
Dalam satu bulan
主管、同事、家人。 技能 Python TensorFlow Object Detection BERT TensorFlow.js Keras YOLO Cleaning Data Feature selection Data Model Linear regression model Logistic regression model Polynomial regression model Random forest classifier model Decision tree classifier model Support Vector Machine (SVM) Support vector regression (SVR) model NLP Data Model NLTK Knowledge Graph Neo4j AWS SageMaker S3 GCP Vertex AI BigQuery ML Flutter Tensorflow Lite Widgets StatefulWidget StatelessWidget Form FormFields Network Http Socket WebSocket Device Interface Camera Bluetooth/LE NFC GPS USB Manager Power Manager RS232/485 ibeacon UWB Push Notification FCM Data Persistent SQLite
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