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Product Manager
Avatar of 沈信甫.
Avatar of 沈信甫.
Product Manager @BitoGroup 英屬維京群島商幣託科技有限公司
2023 ~ Sekarang
Product Manager
Dalam satu bulan
規劃功能畫面包含 On Boarding flow、Dashboard 5. 研究 Google authenticator 二階段認證,保證產品安全 AI Project Manager 美商訊能集思科技 2019/2月/2月 Taipei, Taiwan JarviX 自然語言分析平台導入,並陪同業務進行產品功能的展示與簡報的介紹,並後續的 POC 驗證及相關 SPEC 撰寫,從資料的收集到
JIRA Confluence
Firebase Analytics
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Avatar of Summer Lin.
Avatar of Summer Lin.
資深產品經理 Sr. product manager @獵豹移動
2015 ~ Sekarang
Product manager
Dalam satu bulan
[email protected] 工作經歷 獵豹移動~ 現在 (4年),台北 [AI產品團隊主管 AI product team leader] 帶領產品團隊為台灣市場建立語音AI鏈路(ASR、NLP、內容庫、技能平台等) 產品:豹小秘AI機器人、小豹AI音箱 [資深產品經理 Sr. product manager] 負責產品成敗,包含市場調研、需求開發、產
Product Management
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Computer science

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Technical Skills
Specialized knowledge and expertise within the profession (e.g. familiar with SEO and use of related tools).
Ability to identify, analyze, and prepare solutions to problems.
Ability to navigate unexpected situations; and keep up with shifting priorities, projects, clients, and technology.
Ability to convey information effectively and is willing to give and receive feedback.
Time Management
Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance; and have them completed within the assigned timeline.
Ability to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and anticipate each other's demands, resulting in coordinated collective action.
Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.