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National Taiwan University
Avatar of Qing-Cheng Li.
Avatar of Qing-Cheng Li.
Senior iOS Developer @LINE Taiwan Limited
2020 ~ Sekarang
App Team Lead, Senior iOS Developer
Dalam satu bulan
it with native code both for iOS and Android and integrate it into continuous delivery pipeline. Part-time Assistant Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. AugJun 2013 Build a Taiwanese rich families and political families trees database and visualized query system to find the relationship between the rich and politician to help research. Android Programer NTU, Taipei, Taiwan. AprJun 2012 Educations National Taiwan University Master of Science. Computer Science. SepAug 2014 Natural Language Processing Lab. National Taiwan University Bachelor of Science. Computer Science. SepJun 2012 Minor in Civil Engineering Trend Micro Cloud Program
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6-10 tahun
National Taiwan University
Computer Science
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
人工智慧工程師 @玉山銀行智能金融處 (Intelligent Finance Dept., E-SUN Bank )
2020 ~ Sekarang
Machine Learning Researcher / Engineer
Dalam satu bulan
Music Information Retrieval
Natural Language Processing
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Full-time / Tertarik bekerja jarak jauh
4-6 tahun
National Taiwan University
Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering
Avatar of Sean Chang.
Avatar of Sean Chang.
Software Engineer @TSMC 台積電
2022 ~ Sekarang
Data Scientist
Dalam satu bulan
張詠翔 (Sean Chang) Sr. Data Scientist Sr. Data Scientist at KKLab, KKBOX Group Taipei, Taiwan 技能 ML Fundamentals tree-based models (bagging, boosting) NLP-related models (LM, NER, SA, ...) Programming Languages Python JavaScript Scala Go Frontend React React Native Backend & Database Express Flask & FastAPI SQLAlchemy MongoDB MySQL DevOps Docker Kubernetes AWS Ansible Helm GitLab CI Distributed Computing Apache Spark ML Frameworks & MLOps Tensorflow Scikit-learn Spark ML mlflow spaCy Data Visualization Plotly D3.js seaborn bokeh Miscellaneous Scrapy & Beautiful Soup 工作經
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National Taiwan University

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