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Avatar of Cory Lee.
Avatar of Cory Lee.
CTO @期天資訊
2017 ~ Present
Within one month
分析 / 深度學習 2015 國立清華大學電機系大學部專題競賽 — 第一名 2015 清華創業日 — 業師輔導獎、最佳人氣獎 2017 台積電半導體大數據分析競賽 — 佳作 金融投資 台指與海外期貨 / 選擇權 / 程式交易 / 量化分析 2017 華南 FinTech 競賽銀獎 2018 陸續受業內邀請
Google Cloud Platform
Not open to opportunities
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
6-10 years
Avatar of 林佑融.
Avatar of 林佑融.
資深產品經理 @CMoney全曜財經資訊股份有限公司
2022 ~ Present
Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Strategy Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Project Manager
Within one month
林佑融 Product management / Data analysis / Product marketing [email protected] ・Blog: Linkedin: 工作經歷 CMoney 全曜財經資訊股份有限公司 , 數據 產 品經理 2022年11月 - 現在 CMoney builds fintech tools to empower 1.5+ millions users, also expands its business territory with innovative tools for Gen-Z. Data Operation -Empower product squads with 20
Product Management
Product Marketing
Data Analysis
Not open to opportunities
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
6-10 years

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Definition of Reputation Credits

Technical Skills
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Ability to identify, analyze, and prepare solutions to problems.
Ability to navigate unexpected situations; and keep up with shifting priorities, projects, clients, and technology.
Ability to convey information effectively and is willing to give and receive feedback.
Time Management
Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance; and have them completed within the assigned timeline.
Ability to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and anticipate each other's demands, resulting in coordinated collective action.
Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.