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Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
Studio Director / Technical Director @All Aboard Learning
2022 ~ Present
Senior Software Engineer
More than one year
Scalable Architectures
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Information Technology Specialized in Game Design and Development
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
Data entry clerk @Vpon Big Data Group
2018 ~ Present
More than one year
Data Entry
Presentation Skills
Typing Speed: English 46 WPM
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
Ips Academy indore
Data entry operator
Avatar of Satish Gummadi.
Avatar of Satish Gummadi.
Head of Mobile Apps @Travelstart
2020 ~ Present
More than one year Stack: Native(Android & iOS) Give development plan suggestions to the founder Large scale application experience: collaboration/communication with multiple teams Feature owner: work with backend/UX to deliver new/enhanced features App lifecycle and custom events are collected and transmitted to our Big Data collection servers for analysis. To interface with the backend Analytics platform, use REST calls. SQLite, Core Data, encryption, and Core Location Services are all part of the project. I'm the scrumbag scrum master, and I'm in charge of the daily stands and sprint
Mobile Application Development
Part-time / Remote Only
10-15 years
Acharya Nagarjuna University
Master's Degree in Computer Application MCA
Avatar of YEN-TING CHEN.
Avatar of YEN-TING CHEN.
Research Assistant of National Taiwan University @National Taiwan University
2023 ~ Present
Graduate research assistant
Within six months
YEN-TING CHEN (陳彥廷) I am a graduate student in the Department of Psychology at National Taiwan University ( NTU). For me, diving into psychometrics and exploring data with reasonable statistical method is to clarify a new world of understanding people around us. Whether it's a quirky little issue or a big, serious one, I've got curiosity and grabbed my attention to figure out problems using the tools or theories of psychometrics and data analysis . Right now, I am turning curiosity into discoveries in the wild world of Psychology and All kinds of Data
Python Programming
R Programming
Open to opportunities
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
National Taiwan University
Psychometrics (Division of Psychology), Methodology (Division of Psychology)
Avatar of Ihor Hryshkov.
Avatar of Ihor Hryshkov.
2022 ~ 2023
Software Architect, Team-Lead, Tech-Lead, CTO, Software Development, Software Design, Database Design, Business Logic Design, Software Engineering.
Within two months
the big platform to sales and marketing, analyzing technical side, upgrading technical side, researching the new technical solutions, creating technical plan for integrating of new features of the product, building the new team. Management and studying of IT and development teams. Meetings with sales, business owner, customer support, accountant, CFO and CEO to analyze their problems and searching solutions in the product. CEX.IO, Architect, Team-lead, JS back-end developer, Dec 2018 ~ Mar 2019 Developer back-end crypto(blockchain)-processing system, data and project architect. Use technologies Node.JS(S...
Not open to opportunities
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
More than 15 years
Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Bachelor Robotics
Avatar of Joe Fortune.
Within three months
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Part-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
Seller @Thrift Byus
2023 ~ Present
Within one year
Part-time / Not interested in working remotely
6-10 years
Universitas Bunda Mulia
Avatar of Qi CHEN.
Product Manager
More than one year
Qi CHEN A product thinker with a technical background and passion for growth, UX and data. Melbourne, [email protected] Blog: Skills Technology & Delivery • Agile delivery • Kanban/Scrum • Story writing • Distributed team • Prioritisation • Emerging technologies • Software architecture design UX & Product • User journey mapping • Rapid prototyping • MVP • Lean canvas • Competitor analysis • Business case/ROI • Product roadmap Data & Growth • SQL Data analysis • Behaviour data analysis tools • Dashboarding & visualisation tools • Conversion rate optimisation • Growth hacking • SEO • Content/marketing strategy Experience, JunePresent Manager
Product Management
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
The University of Adelaide
Computer Graphics

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