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National Taiwan University
Avatar of 郭哲銘(Galen Kuo).
Avatar of 郭哲銘(Galen Kuo).
Optimization Algorithm Engineer @Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing 台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司
2020 ~ 現在
Algorithm Designer
Programming Language Familiar with Object Oriented Programming(C++, Java, C#) and other high-level programming language including R, Python and Excel VBA. Operation Research An optimal analyst possesses 3-year experience deal with optimization problem. Work on and Explore occupations related to algorithms, combinatorics and optimization. Machine Learning Apply reinforcement learning framework to optimization problem with high complexity, huge size and complicated constraints. Focus on MCTS, optimization theory, reinforcement learning and statistical techniques. Optimization Programming • Build a tree-based reinforcement learning optimization algorithm applying ensemble dispatching rules and Monte Carlo Tree Search
Combinatorial Optimization
Operation Research
全職 / 對遠端工作有興趣
4 到 6 年
National Taiwan University
Industrial Engineering



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