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Avatar of 陳厚凱.
Avatar of 陳厚凱.
CIM工程師 @TSMC 台積電
2022 ~ 2023
Within three months
陳厚凱 Sr. Android Developer Taipei City, Taiwan I have dedicated and practical software engineering experience that makes me to be highly organized and efficient in challenging tasks, aggressive and positive attitude that will encourage me to learn new knowledge and skills for solving varied problems. I am a reliable person that have the ability to communicate efficiently and work well with others. Education National Taiwan University Computer Science •National Central University Computer Science •Skill Programming Language Java Kotlin C# Android Skill: Retrofit Coroutine Dagger-Hilt Room JUnit Language Chinese English Japanese Experience Computer-Integrated
Android Development
Coroutine and Flow
MVVM Android Architecture
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Full-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years
Computer Science
Avatar of Ngân Hàng Rèm Cửa.
Avatar of Ngân Hàng Rèm Cửa.
CEO @công ty
2008 ~ 2023
SEO Manager, Content Manager, Digital Marketing Manager
Within one year
Ngân Hàng Rèm Cửa Ngân Hàng Rèm Cửa chuyên cung cấp các mẫu rèm cửa đẹp, rèm cửa sổ, rèm gia đình, rèm văn phòng, rèm cuốn, rèm roman, rèm sân khấu hội nghị giá rẻ tại Hà Nội Địa chỉ: 180 Nguyễn Xiển - Hạ Đình - Thanh Xuân - Hà Nội ĐT :Hotline:Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam Rèm cầu vồng : Rèm cuốn : Rèm cửa
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
4-6 years

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Time Management
Ability to prioritize tasks based on importance; and have them completed within the assigned timeline.
Ability to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and anticipate each other's demands, resulting in coordinated collective action.
Ability to coach, guide, and inspire a team to achieve a shared goal or outcome effectively.