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Avatar of 陳惠龍.
Avatar of 陳惠龍.
Data science lecturer @Ittraining
2020 ~ Present
Data Scientist 資料科學家_數據分析師
Within one month
HUEY-LONG CHEN 陳惠龍 Kaggle Competitions Expert: Competitions: NLP (自然語言處理): - Silver medal (solo): (Kaggle) U.S. Patent Phrase to Phrase Matching: Help Identify Similar Phrases in U.S. Patents, 2022/06/21 Recommendation system (推薦系統): - Silver medal (solo): (Kaggle) OTTO – Multi-Objective Recommender System: Build a recommender system based on real-world e-commerce sessions, 2023/02/08 - Bronze medal (solo): (Kaggle) H&M Personalized Fashion Recommendations: Provide product recommendations based on
recommender system
pytorch tensorflow
Open to opportunities
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
More than 15 years
Purdue University
School of civil engineering (Stochastic & statistical hydrology)
Avatar of Biljana Perović.
Within one month
za rad sa učenicima, njihovim roditeljima i socijalnom zajednicom.Znanja sticana na obukama za upravljanje timovima uspešno primenjujem u praksi. Komunikacione veštine Uspešno sarađujem i komuniciram sa roditeljima, učenicima i kolegama, dobro koordiniram radom vaspitne grupe , vladam različitim tehnikama rada zahvaljujući brojnim edukacijama iz oblasti komunikacije , asertivnosti, medijacije , NLP-a, couchinga i mindfulnesa Konferencija Ovo je prezentacije koje smo koleginica Ivanka Krajišnik i ja prikazale kolegama na jesenjoj Konferenciji za vaspitni radana Zlatiboru. U Domu radimo kao mentori učenicima prvenstveno kuvarima i kulinarskim tehničarima a i drugim učenicima koji su zainteresovani za rad u Nurticionističkom klubu.
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
More than 15 years
Prirodno - matematički fakultet Kragujevac
odsek- hemija
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
Chief Technology Officer @MetAI 宇見智能科技
2022 ~ Present
Within one month
python programming
Data Analytics
Data Visualization
Part-time / Remote Only
6-10 years
Vancouver Film School
3D animation & VFX
Avatar of the user.
More than one year
Part-time / Interested in working remotely
6-10 years

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