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National Taiwan University
Avatar of Yu-Chuan Chiang.
Avatar of Yu-Chuan Chiang.
Senior Software Engineer @Moldex3D ( CoreTech System Co. Ltd.)
2016 ~ Sekarang
Senior Software Engineer
Lebih dari satu tahun
the team to decrease the maintenance cost. - Experienced in C++ large-scale commercial software systems lies in solving the simulation problems of Moldex3D's products. - Researched and developed advanced numerical techniques for the commercialization of the Moldex3D's CFD solvers. ex, overset mesh techniques, mesh-free based finite volume methods, and Immersed boundary methods. 三月Present 學歷National Taiwan University Civil Engineering 技能 C++ TDD (Test-driven development) Refactoring SOLID Design Principles OOP Programming CFD Simulation Numerical Analysis Algorithms and Data Structures Unit Testing 語言 English — 進階
TDD (Test-driven development)
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4-6 tahun
National Taiwan University
Civil Engineering
Avatar of 郭哲銘(Galen Kuo).
Avatar of 郭哲銘(Galen Kuo).
Optimization Algorithm Engineer @Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing 台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司
2020 ~ Sekarang
Algorithm Designer
Dalam satu tahun
for searching a good solution in an effective way. • Develop a integrated system contains efficient meta-heuristics algorithm such as GA, PSO with Chaos-based initialization, ACO and AFSA(Artificial Fish-Swarm Algorithm) to solve classic benchmark including TSP, assignment problem and bin packing problem. • Experienced in linear programming language such as OOP with Lingo / Cplex package. • Build a fuzzy inference system contains 10+ membership function in C#. • Implement Back Propagation Neural Network in C#. 工作經歷 Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)(工業技術研究院
Combinatorial Optimization
Operation Research
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4-6 tahun
National Taiwan University
Industrial Engineering
Avatar of the user.
Avatar of the user.
Engineer II @SiFive
2022 ~ Sekarang
Dalam tiga bulan
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Full-time / Tertarik bekerja jarak jauh
4-6 tahun
National Taiwan University
Mechanical Engineering

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