Job Title

  Taiwan Province, Taiwan


Backend Developer  •  TrueTel

七月 2019 - 五月 2021

Collaborating with Nauto cloud team via Jira and Slack. Building micro- services, migrating RESTful APIs which are with two versions JSON data format. Also, built data record changes history APIs and RDBMS (PostgreSQL) data migration.
• Developing several user scenarios for Google MTBF, CUJ (Critical User Journey) testing on different Chromebook models and build log analysis system with EFK. Also using Grafana, Prometheus monitors the target devices' CPU, memory and network bandwidth.
• Designing a server resource dispatcher which dispatches the server for service includes 1 to 3 Chrome instances that can communicate via CDP (Chrome Devtools Protocol) to build Zoom conferences with a lot of bots. And providing gRPC and RESTful interface for accessing.
• Contributing CUJ scenario cases and framework changes to Chromium open source project, includes tast and tast-tests repositories.

Blockchain Developer  •  IOEX

九月 2018 - 六月 2019

• Ethereum smart contract development with Solidity.
• Transplant DPOS consensus into Elastos, Ethereum.
• Collecting transactions into databases and implementing RESTful APIs for Blockchain Explorer.
• Implements auto-transaction generator tool for blockchain pressure testing.

Frontend Developer   •  RETAIR

五月 2017 - 八月 2018

• Used AngularJS and jQuery frameworks in the development of web applications.
• Developed UI components.
• Experience with consuming RESTful web services.
• Rendered visualization charts with ECharts, C3 libraries.
• Communicated updates in daily meeting using JIRA software.

• Provided multi-language support using i18n library.
• Cross-browser testing / implementation.
• Refactor existing code, enhancements and improvements overall code quality.

Specialist  •  PEGATRON

四月 2012 - 四月 2017

• Software design for JBOD and Server.
• Bridge and coordinate with cross-function teams, including EE, Power, QTR, QTC and Manufacturing side.
• Debugging and function verification.
• Develop BMC with ASPEED AST2300/AST2400/AST2500/PILOT-4 chips. Familiar with AMI code base.
• Working with Trac project management.


2010 - 2012

National Chung Cheng University

Computer Science


User Experience

  • User testing
  • Web usability


  • Competitor analysis
  • Business research


  • Chinese
  • English
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