Zong-Ci Lu (Serge)

Self-motivated software developer

Software Engineer

[email protected]


Positive Grid,2016/07 - preset

  • Develop models and controllers in native layer(C++ & JUCE) of web-based desktop app(e.g. BIAS Amp, BIAS FX,...)
  • Develop auto-scalable backend service(Python & Flask) for music information retrieval and MIDI file generating on Google cloud platform(for GoGuitar)
  • Music genre classification using SVM(C++ & libsvm)
  • macOS App bundle release & update admin site(Python & Django)
  • Develop real-time harmonic pitch class profile & chord detection module for GoGuitar(C++ & Objective-C)
  • PoC of BLE remote control app with C++ extension(React Native)
  • Cross-category item recommendation system for GoGuitar(Python & LightFM)
  • Full-text search engine via inverted index for GoGuitar(Python)

Fatek Automation,2015/11 - 2016/07

  • Designed and implemented front-end software(Qt, C++ and some Python) for motion controller
  • Studied and implemented help document framework for HMI design tool
  • Implemented ladder logic programming language viewer for FATEK PLC

Adivic Technology,2014/04 - 2015/10

  • Designed RF recorder software automation flow
  • Designed and implemented RF recorder software GUI
  • Designed and implemented RF device calibration flow
  • Integrated software layer and firmware layer for RF recorder

Wistron,2013/12 - 2014/03

  • Designed and implemented algorithms for stereo camera calibration
  • Implemented single camera calibration algorithm
  • Implemented a orientation and distance detection algorithm which inspired by camera calibration(see the YouTube link)

IFUNPLAY,2013/08 ~ 2013/11
  • Microsoft *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt format parser for iOS app

TesterSoft,2012/02 - 2013/05

  • Developed defect(line width, line space, pinhole...etc) detection algorithm for PCB film
  • Designed and implemented AOI software GUI by using Qt
  • Created an auto-correlation based image quality checking algorithm for camera auto-focus
  • Created a peak detection algorithm which be used in 3D scene reconstruction for laser triangulation method


M.S., Mathematics, 2010, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu

B.S., Mathematics, 2008, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu


  • Modern C++
  • Python 3
  • Git

Personal Projects

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