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Environmental; Studies and Ecology Term Paper Topics

  • An Economic View And Approach To Pollution. 
This paper is an analysis on the economic perspective of 'de-pollution'. First, some of the dilemmas of addressing environmental concerns will be examined from an economic perspective, and to a lesser extent, a political or ideological perspective. Following the discussion of the 'problems' or 'dilemmas' of pollution concerns, from an economic perspective, this analysis will address some of the solutions proposed, and second, examine these proposed solutions in light of some of the criticisms which have been raised and anticipated by the theories in question. Concerning this latter section, it will be argued that in general, the economic perspective can be understood as trying to establish policies which will maintain the core principles of a market economy, namely, profit motive. 

  • Analysis of Video Program 1. 
This paper is on the course study of the human impact on the Earth over the last few centuries and how that has harmed the Earth's ecological systems. Deforestation, desertification, ozone layer changes, global warming, pollution, urbanization, and the destruction of the habitats of various species of plants and animals have been used as case studies to drive home the point that we are, indeed, in the midst of an environmental crisis.

  • Anthropogenic Climate Change. 
This undergraduate paper according to biology help service discusses the moral obligation of the present generation to slow the potentially catastrophic rate of anthropogenic climate change, to provide resources for coping with its harmful effects, and to deal with the uncertainties of scientific environmental research. In the process, the economic and ethical issues are debated and a determination is made that environmental protection is morally right and that economic considerations are of secondary importance. 
  •  The Major Changes Needed to Avert a Global Environmental Crisis 
For the purpose of this essay, therefore, I will be supporting the 'yes' view that maintains that major changes must be set in motion to arrest a global environmental crisis. Industrialization, urbanization and population growth has affected far-reaching ecological changes, most of which have been negative. Studies indicate that what lies at the root of the array of environmental exigencies is population growth, which, in turn, increases the demand for energy, food, water and other natural resources. 
  • Article Critique. 
In this paper an essay helper critiques a recent article in evolutionary biology: Velicer, Gregory J. and Richard E Lenski "Evolutionary Trade-offs Under Conditions of Resource Abundance and Scarcity: Experiments with Bacteria" Ecology 80: June 1999, pp. 1168+. It outlines the experimental method employed, the importance of the research and its future implications.
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