Graduated in civil engineering, with skills in structural mechanics and material mechanics.The current application for Micron Technology's process integration engineer position can help improve work efficiency and quality. Gaining cooperation and leadership experience in the internship work has been favored by supervisors. Research and develop new materials to achieve sustainable development and bring performance to the company.

  Tainan, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan  

  [email protected]    +886928192741

Internship experience

Hongfa Engineering Consulting Company 

2019/2 - 2019/6

Serving as a third-party impartial unit. Before the construction of the structure, perform current status appraisal on the buildings within the affected area around the base area. The content includes plan drawing, original structure crack record, leveling measurement, tilt measurement, plan writing In the end, it is written into a report, which has legal benefits, and is used by the construction unit as an exhibit to prevent neighbor damage during or after construction, and to clarify the responsibility of the evidence.



2020/9 - 2022/6  

National Cheng Kung University 

  Civil engineering

Structural Materials department

2019/9 - 2020/2

National Taipei University of Technology 

Civil engineering

Structural Materials department


2015/9 - 2019/6 

National Quemoy University 

Civil and Engineering Management


Measurement Technology of Portable Viscoelastic Liquid Spectrometer

  • Viscoelastic material  
  • Frequency sweep
  • COMSOL Simulation Software

Application and research of high-strength welding special materials in precision machining and civil engineering

  • Material development
  • Mechanics experiment
  • Bring 36 million revenue to the company

Properties of mixed-fired ash and CLSM properties test 


  • COMSOL Simulation Software
  • AutoCad 2D
  • Material Analysis
  • 3D printing

Personality Traits

  • teamwork

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