Lin, Yu-Hsuan (Shane)

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No. 14-5, Ln. 24, Jinmen St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100034, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

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I’m positive, responsible and productive, also good at teamwork and efficiently solving projects problem. I have three years of working experience in E-commerce and Financial technology, currently working at iEstate, a P2P loan platform. I have the experiences of team project management, digital advertising and website traffic analysis. Also I have experiences of cross-functional team collaboration with engineering team, graphic designer and legal affairs department.

Work Experience

iEstate, Marketing Manager, 05,2021~ present

  • I am in charge of marketing planning for iEstate P2P loan platform, including online community planning, brand copywriting, digital advertising, cross-industry cooperation, PR draft writing, planning and executing schedule activities, holding offline exhibition activities. 
  •  The P2P loan platform was launched in August 2021, and now it has the highest internet volume among twenty more competitors in Taiwan. It maintains a high level of interaction in the online community, and even converts people in the community into platform members successfully. 
  •  The number of Members is over a thousand, and the platform has successfully matched over 17 million TWD funds in total.

GDP Inc., Marketing and Communication, 11.2020~3.2021

  • I was responsible for marketing planning in PezzaLoan, a P2P loan platform. My job included brand copywriting, digital advertising, external press release/PR draft writing, planning and executing schedule activities, holding offline activities.
  • I cut down seven out of eight of the cost per member through marketing strategy adjustment in a month after I'm employed, and the number of new members per month has grown 300% compared to the past.

Femme Fatale Co., Ltd, Chief Operating Officer, 8.2019~10.2020

  • "Femme Fatale" is an E-commerce brand for female sex toys, selling products through its official website. The brand’s team had no stable business model and performance growth in the first three years; after half a month I took over, its turnover per month has grown by 5 times, and the number of enrolled members have grown by 10.
  • Once cooperated with an internationally renowned co-working brand WeWork, working on offline female community, taking “female empowerment/female awakening” as main theme, maintaining good partnerships with many female influencers, and successfully improved brand’s reputation and held a favorable image in Feminism community.

CHAO CHI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CO., LTD, Marketing executive,10,2018~11, 2019

  • "C. C. Work "  is the sub-brand of Taiwan’s biggest real estate charter and escrow company CHAO-CHI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CO., LTD. “Star C”, situated in Guting, is a composite building with a large event venue, coworking space and independent office. 
  • I was in charge of managing offline startup activities, and online community content editing. I was originally applying for “director assistant”, and during the tenure I strived for internal promotion to the marketing team. I have earned recognition for my work performance, and increased my salary three times in a year.


National Taipei University Bachelor Degree Program of Digital Marketing, 2021~present

Taipei First Girls High School, 2014 ~ 2018



English: IELTS score 5.5 (about the same level as TOEIC score 800) 

Chinese: Native speaker

Online Advertising 

Facebook advertising, Google display Network, Google Adwords, creating advertising materials

Website Data Analysis

Google Analytics certificate (including GA and GA4), often use Google Search Console, Google Optimize

Self introduction:


 I am Shane. I graduated from Taipei First Girl High School, currently studying for a bachelor degree program of Digital Marketing in National Taipei University. After graduating from senior high school, I was curious about startups and marketing field and thus I went straight into the workplace to learn and gain experience.

My work field was mostly focused on E-commerce and Financial technology(FinTech) in the last three years. The fast-paced E-commerce industry allows me to gain plenty of digital marketing experiences, and continue to learn new knowledge of the industry. For instance, when Google announced the launch of a new version of traffic analysis tool GA (GA4) in the year before last year, I immediately explored the new version, comparing the changes of its function and interface, discussed with multiple marketing experts about misunderstanding which was easily occurred after data importing in GA4, and assessed if the online platform I was in charge of was suitable for being imported into GA4. Moreover, because of the experience I accumulated in the E-commerce industry, I began to serve as a guest lecturer in Universities and colleges, such as Taipei Medical University and National Taiwan Normal University in 2021. Also, I worked as a professional course teaching assistant in the E-commerce University “Shu-Mai School” ,which is well-known in the industry.

The experience in the FinTech field also allows me to accumulate the experience of working with large corporate bodies, and the risk awareness of project management. The product I am responsible for is “iEstate P2P loan platform”. Due to the restrictions of financial regulations, I have to be very cautious about a lot of things, ranging from the product design of the platform to the wording of copywriting for internet advertising, in order to avoid offending or breaking the regulations, otherwise I might get punished by financial regulation related departments, even damaging the company’s reputation. The platform has been launched for half a year so far, and it now has the highest internet volume among 20 more competitors. It maintains a high level of interaction in online communities, and successfully converts people in communities into platform’s members. The number of our members is over a thousand, and the platform has matched 17 million TWD funds. The platform manages to achieve these performances under strict restrictions of financial regulations, and it even draws corporations’ attention to negotiate business cooperation, such as Far Eastern International Bank Co., Ltd., Next Bank, Chailease Holding Co., Ltd., and King’s Town Bank. It has signed a contract with Far East International Bank, becomes a partner with Bankee, and the API connecting project between both sides’ systems is expected to be finished in the middle of this year. 

I am very responsible, I take my job very seriously, and I am productive. Also, I tend to work in order. I can always explain each project's schedule clearly, as well as the context and cause of every decision being made. Also, I can communicate with the contact person explicitly and explain all the notifications crystal clear, in order to let colleagues understand and be able to cooperate. I am a neat, polite, and willing to communicate person. Although my working pace is rather fast, I tend to communicate and coordinate with different department’s directors and colleagues in advance. Moreover, I genuinely believe that my work experience in the past can help your company’s product development better than before, and increase product’s benefits.

I look forward to any opportunity to meet and discuss in detail what I can do for your company. Thank you for taking your time to review my resume.

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