ShaoJen Chen


iOS Senior Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan

I have been develop apps on Apple system for almost 6 years since Mar. 2015.

During these years, I have got some skills like Auto Layout, Restful API, customize UI component, Git operations.

I am usually used Alamofire and RealmSwift framework to develop apps and let projects followed by some design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Observer.



  • Swift , Objective-C
  • iOS SDK ex: Core Bluetooth framework
  • Restful API
  • Git
  • CocoaPod
  • Customize UI Component
  • AutoLayout
  • CoreData, RealmSwift
  • Resolve Memory Leak issue


Shih Hsin University

Bachelor of Information Management

2004/9 ~ 2008/6

Employment History

iOS Senior Engineer

GeoVision Inc. (3356)  •  Mar 2017 - Present


  • Presenting alert view with embedded WebView to show supported devices on app start up. 
  • Replace UIWebView with WKWebView because UIWebView has deprecated.
  • Request user to Review app and In-App Purchase feature by StoreKit.
  • Unit test for import/export feature, include CryptoSwift, GzipSwift and http request to AWS 
  • Fix bugs from app crash report.
  • Relay feature UI flow, Google sign in, email binding and authorization, generate QRCode to share account.
  • QRCode scan and autofill camera info to adding device


  • Register person info and take photo to enroll to face recognization server
  • Query face detection events in a specific time interval, and scroll to bottom will query next page events
  • Request by long polling and show up live event as face detected
  • Get member list and show list with info filter, and improve getting preview photo speed
  • Customize UITableView to qualify to UI designed


  • Receive VoIP notification and make phone ringing by CallKit when triggered doorbell, once answered the call the other devices will hangup ringing.


  • Display all port status for IO Box
  • Trigger IO box port to on/off

Software Engineer (macOS / iOS)

Keiga electronic Inc.  •  Mar 2015 – Mar 2017


  • Develop AMOR app on macOS
  • Send Command to Amplifier through USB to adjust volume, subwoofer, etc.
  • AMOR app can monitor amplifier status like temperature, fan speed
  • Remote control by Bluetooth
  • Customize wave chart to adjust parameters

DBT Taylor

  • Modify and maintain features
  • Update firmware through Bluetooth connection

Network Engineer

Power-tech Industrial Co., Ltd (3296)   •  Mar 2010 – Mar 2015

  • Maintain all network devices and servers. (AD, DHCP, DNS, Firewall, ERP, Switch, Router)
  • Troubleshooting for company employees PC.



RedHat Linux Certified Engineer


Sun Certified Java Programmer


Cisco Certified Network Associate

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