徐紹恩/Hsu Shaoen

.Accounting experience using VBA to fasten deposit and withdrawal funds for reconciliation
.Problem-solving person
.Business-related majors
.Related working experience with proven and traceable VBA achievements to solve practical issues

IELTS 6.0 Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0 TOEIC 835/S130/W150

[email protected]+886-900645074

Work experience

台灣 星聖資訊服務|財會專員 |2020 ~ 在職中
1. 已完成專案:
  • 出納出入金VBA審核程式(單日最多可高達500-10000筆出入金資料),可以簡化工作流程,至少省去每人每日1-3小時的時間。借助VBA已能達成約20%的工作量能半自動化。
  • 新人VBA使用概念教學。後續需與東南亞及各地區財務及客服人員對接處理各種問題。
2. 目前專案: 設計AppSheet,讓會計帳目連動手機App可以減少更多人工程序以及資料出錯的問題。
3. 預計專案: 運用Python及API技術,達成線上資料整合,能更即時、快速的處理資料。
List of the project I create:

1. Success project:
  • Simplify the process of cashier's work, save at least 1 hour per day per person, and same as the other duties like accounting reconciliation work.
  • VBA concept training for new colleagues and solve funding problems together with other teams from all countries.
2. Current: Working on AppSheet software which could reduce data double-entry errors in accounting work.
3. Future: Researching Python and API to retrieve data quickly from the Payment service provider(PSP).

1. 每日應付,應收帳款帳務處理 會計核算和監督,保證會計帳務即時處理,會計科目運用准確,會計核算信息真實完整。
2. 對原始憑證的合法性、金額的正確性和手續的完備性等進行審核,對銀行結算票據的印鑑、日期和背書内容是否正確進行審核。
3. 錄入(编制)記帳憑證,負責會計憑證匯總、帳簿登記,打印輸出記帳憑證和帳簿。
4. 繳交營業稅,綜所稅文件

1. Tracked and recorded expenses and reconciled accounts to maintain accurate, current, and compliant financial records.
2. Process journal entries and perform accounting corrections to ensure accurate records.
3. Manage accounting activities to ensure compliance with accounting principles, policies, and external audits.

新加坡 SATS Ltd. |客服代理|2019 ~ 2019 

1. 加速起飛取票流程效率及效能,每日將近1000位旅客,超過3班航班,並處理客訴問題
2. 維護航空安全,並提供特殊旅客服務,包括行動不便者、肢體殘障者及帶嬰兒的媽媽...等

An agent of airlines company at Singapore Changi airport terminal 4
1. Handling nearly 1000 passengers from the checking-in process, customer complaints, and greeting passengers upon onboard and arrival over 3 flights per day. 
2. Maintain aviation safety and provide service for passengers who require special assistance. This includes passengers with reduced mobility, handicapped passengers, a mother with an infant, etc.

澳洲 GBR Helicopter|直升機地勤及中文口譯|2018 ~ 2018
1. 於總部販售旅客大堡礁觀光飛行行程
2. 客戶服務:報到手續、座位安排、行李處理、飛行安全解說
3. 於海上停機坪或陸地機坪管制區內進行機艙整理、客戶登機引導管控
4. 中文口譯

During my time as a ground crew at GBR Helicopter, I made a successful trading deal on the first day of my job- a deal with the value of approximately 500 Australian dollars; not only so, I helped establish effective communications between the customer and my Japanese colleagues, where teamwork was vital to the success of the company.
1. Great Barrier Reef scenic flight tour selling at headquarter
2. Customer services such as check-in, seat arrangement, baggage handled and flight safety briefing
3. Managed and checked pre- and post-flight cabin, boarding and unloading service at ground and sea helipad 4. Mandarin interpreter

澳洲 The Cultural Centre Pty. Ltd.|會議經理|2017 ~ 2017

1. 直效行銷,電話陌生拜訪,創意策略發想,如:尋找Youtuber
2. 貴賓接待、現場攤商協調及會議進行協助
3. 事前活動場勘、事前攤商合作套裝推廣

Work with our partner, the Leukemia Foundation, to help leukemia patients by fundraising in our family and educational exhibition.
1. Direct marketing, cold telemarketing, and innovation creative strategies like YouTuber collaboration plan
2. Receptionist, vendor coordination, and on-site event operation
3. Exhibition area pre-inspection and managed vendor collaboration package promotion

台灣 中國醫藥大學|PBL專案管理執行|2011 ~ 2012

1. 招募Tutor教師、相關費用報帳核銷
2. 整體專案執行,超過40份P.B.L教案管理如: 從整合各方意見到教案編審以及印刷出版、系網資訊管理。
3. 負責教務及學務相關資料蒐集,建立資料庫並維護。

Implementation of Problem-Based-Learning (P.B.L.) project management and relevant programs, act as a communication bridge among P.B.L. stakeholders (leader group, tutors) to systematized standard admin procedure and academic qualities.
1. Tutor recruiting, payment applies and write-off, coordinate tutor conferences.
2. Handling over 40 cases of P.B.L. project to produce a comprehensive final case textbook for students.
3. Creating and maintaining databases such as questionnaires from students.


Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, 

Google on Coursera|2021 ~ 2021
  • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions(Excel)
  • Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere(Excel)
  • Prepare Data for Exploration(SQL)
  • Process Data from Dirty to Clean(SQL)
  • Analyze Data to Answer Questions(SQL)
  • Share Data Through the Art of Visualization(Tableau)
  • Data Analysis with R Programming(R語言-學習中)

Department of Leisure and Recreation Business Management

National Taichung University of Science and Technology|B.B.A. Overall GPA: 4.0/4.0|2010 ~ 2012


Department of International tradeNational Taipei University of Business|A.B.A.|2005 ~ 2010

96-97, Instrument cadre of international trade & international trade cadre of the student association

94-97, Cadre of classical guitar society, carry out the final school exhibition, more than hundred people attend





1. 新人訓練
2. 加強新人對VBA的瞭解與應用 
3. 增加新人對相關工作事物的認知
4. 加強核對流程、降低新人核帳所產生的錯誤


主要擔任程式撰寫、實驗測試、BUG除錯 .專案內容:  

1. 撰寫帳務核對VBA  
2. 提高核對準確率  
3. 減少人工核對流程  
4. 降低核對所需花費時間


王聖文/Gary Wang

Taiwan Deputy manager

Zeal Capital Market (Seychelles) Limited

Suna Lau Flynn

CEO & Founder 
The Cultural Centre Pty Ltd  

Charlie Price

Account Manager 

Agri Labour Australia


Showcase-In-Paradise (https://reurl.cc/kZYd3K)

1. 團隊分工拜訪整個澳洲城市(Carins)超過百位商家
2. 與活動飯店Paradise Palm協調活動進行
3. 成功招攬超過10組攤商到現場擺攤
4. 成功募集捐款給白血病兒童


2018亞洲職業安全衛生研究機構會議 ,簡稱 AOSHRI
2018台灣國際智慧能源週 Energy Taiwan 2016全球自行車大會/台北國際汽車展覽
2015亞太消化會議,簡稱 APDW


103年, 室內設計實務班 副班長/羽球團體賽季軍/成果展幹部,負責資源整合並擔任對外協調窗口
101年, 台中舒跑盃路跑10公里,完賽時間 50分鐘
92年, 建德國中於總統府前升降旗典禮舞蹈表演

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