Shaowen Xiao

Structure Engineer

Half year work experience in vanke which is largest estate company in China. Two years research experience in Structural Engineering with excellent understanding of steel structure and mechanics. focused on analytical approach to using numerical simulations to predict the behavior of buckling restrained brace and Self-Buckling-Restrained Steel Plate Shear Wall, and amended conventional design method.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Finite Element Analysis techniques using a variety of software, as well as strong math and physics skills.
  • Ensure smooth negotiation ability and implementation capacity by following projects from conceptualizing phase to completion, including system design, incorporation of customer needs, and technical support.

[email protected]
Guangzhou, China


Shandong University


Master of Science, Structure Engineering

  • China "985/211 Project"
  • Main courses:advanced steel construction, advanced concrete construction, elastic mechanics
  • Overall GPA: 3.32
  • TOEFL:88(writing:20 reading:24 listening:25 speaking :20)achieved in 2017/12/17

Hunan University


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

  • China "985/211 Project"
  • Main courses:steel construction, concrete construction, structure mechanics, material mechanics
  • Overall GPA: 2.81
  • GRE(verbal:146 quantitative:163 writing:2.5)achieved in 2012/12/05


Vanke company(307 in World top 500 enterprises)

As the structure engineer taking in charge of 10 high-rise apartment buildings over 100,000 square meters, guiding and coordinating more than 15 different teams from various companies to finish the muddy work and products installation. achieving good feedback in vanke group delivery evaluation.

Shandong University

FEA analysis and method development for BRBs and steel shear wall systems including stress analysis, formula derivation, programming using python.


Seismic behavior of Self-Buckling-Restrained Steel Plate Shear Wall made by two incline-slotted infill plates (Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Volume 133, June 2017, Pages 47-64 Peijun Wang, Zipeng Xue, Shaowen Xiao)
全钢管防屈曲支撑中防屈曲套管设计方法研究(design method for restraining tubes of all steel buckling restrained brace)  Progress in Steel Building Structures, Shaowen xiao, Peijun wang 
Study on the bearing capacity of thin-walled profiled aluminum alloy columns(The 16th National Symposium on Modern Structural Engineering,June 2016,Mengna xu, Mei liu, Shaowen Xiao)
One buckling restrained brace with pre-circumferencial stress(patent of invention, publication number:ZL 2016 1 0600878.8,inventor:Peijun Wang, Shaowen Xiao)

Hunan University

2012.4-2014.5      SIT project  (organizer,leader)
     Successfully applyed for Student Innovation Training(SIT) project and got funding of $3000 from the China goverment. The research title was different types of recyled polyethylene modify bitumen. DSR rheological experiment ,frequency scanning and temperature scanning were carried out. With the guidance of accociate dean, this project was finished and the first prize was given by the Hunan university. 

2013.3-2013.8     SMA Study on the Properties of Freezing and Thawing             (member)
    Did Marshall experiments with colleagues
2013.7-2013.8     Rubber Powder Modified Bitumen      (member )
    Tested three indexes of bitumen and did trabecular fatigue experiments with colleagues


  • Hunan University third school scholarship,2012
  • Civil engineering college scholarship,2013
  • Civil engineering college scholarship,2014
  • Shandong University third school scholarship,2016
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