Pei-Yu Tseng

Research Assistant

886 919798362

[email protected]

  Taipei City, Taiwan

I am a Research Assistant at Academia Sinica—one of the best academic institutions in Taiwan, where I attend the laboratory led by Yen-Nun Huang, the director of the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation. My research focuses on Network and System Security, and Deep Learning. 

Research Experience

Research Assistant

Academia Sinica • 09.2021 - Present

  • Graph-based Neural Attack Behavior Detection and Alignment with Kernel Audit Logs for Advanced Persistent Threats
    • Simulated APT attack on Linux and Windows
    • Developed a theory for efficiently reducing kernel audit logs to ensure the high quality of behavior detection 
    • Developed models leveraging graph embedding to correlate and mine suspicious behavior in audit logs
  • Modeling Threat Representation through Building Cyber Threat Knowledge Base for Advanced Persistent Threats 
    • Developed models to extract semantic context from cyber threat intelligence platforms for generating provenance graphs
  • Using Honeypot Logs and Packets for Identifying Network Attack Patterns and their Signature
    • Utilizing  BERT-based models to analyze packets and logs from honeypots provided by Soft Bank


National Chung Cheng University09.2019- 07.2021

  • Driving Behavior Recognition based on Generative Adversarial Networks   
    • Developed a redesigned model for identifying whether drivers are the owners of cars
    • Developed a mechanism for ensuring the reliability of the detection system
    • Evaluating the accuracy of several types of GAN in different situations

Work Experience

Penetration tester 

The Chiayi County Government • 05. 2020 - 12. 2020

  • Identified security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in websites or IoT devices for  the Chiayi county  government  
  • Designed and conducted simulated social engineering attacks

Network administrator

College of Engineering in CCU•  09. 2019 - 09. 2020

  • Maintained and administered the college's firewalls and network infrastructures
  • Managed the college's services, such as websites, VPN, and DNS


M.S . in Computer Science and Information Engineering

National Chung Cheng University •  09. 2019 - 07.2021


  • P.-Y. Tseng,  P.-C. Lin,  Edy Kristianto, Vehicle Theft Detection by Generative Adversarial Networks on Driving Behavior. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (published) [Paper]
  • H-W Li, P.-Y. Tseng, Yennun Huang  IPMES: An Incremental Behavioral Pattern Matching over System Audit Event Stream and Its Feasible Application in APT Detection. IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (submitted)


  • APT Discovery using OSINT and Network & System Logs
    • Integrated Open-source intelligence, Cyber threat intelligence, and MITRE ATT&CK framework into a cyber threat knowledge base, and developed neural network architectures to analyze and detect APT attacks in a multi-host environment.
    • Aligned the observed evidence to adversary lifecycle and correlated the relation between the detected 

      attacks and known attackers.


  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • PyTorch

  • Bash scripting
  • Neo4J
  • Linux Shell

  • Java
  • C#
  • C