Meng-Chen, Xu (sheiun)

Software Engineer

  Taipei, Taiwan

Information Management graduate with proven programming skills. Currently seeking a position as a software engineer or a data scientist, to leverage data and algorithms to create convenient tools. Gained cooperation and leadership experience at college and open source project association and gained image and video processing experience at my first company (AP-MIC) and CGM Lab during my master's degree.

My hobby is solving life's problems with programming. I am extremely demanding on my programming.  Code quality, readability and maintainability are the most important to me.


Work Experience

Engineer  •  Senao Networks, Switch Dept.

May 2021 - Present

QA team
- Integrate image processing for validating automated manufacturing.

SDN team
- Barefoot SDE & P4 development.
- Maintain linecard platform devices for SND12000.
- New manufacturing testing tool architecture design and development.
- SONiC porting and IEEE1588 (PTP), IEEE 802.1ad (QinQ) implementing.
- Other tools (Data visualization tools and testing scripts).

Programmer  •  AP-MIC

Jun 2018 - Dec 2019

Maintainer of NLU API Engine (Engine of OpenTalk system) and Kebbi App.

- Python (Web Crawler, Image processing, NLP analysis, Web backend such as Django and Flask, Deep learning such as Tensorflow)
- Java (Web Crawler, Android App)
- Kotlin (Android App)
- Docker (Docker, Compose)
- GitLab (GitLab CI)
- Git (Git Flow, GitLab Flow)


2020 - 2021

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Tech

Information Management

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory

Word-level to Sentence-level Realistic Sign Language Video Generation for American Sign Language
- Master's thesis published at 2021

Realistic video generation for american sign language

- Journal paper accepted by Multimedia Tools and Applications 2022
- DOI:10.1007/s11042-022-12590-z

2016 - 2020

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Tech

Information Management

Get information security technology and management program

Minored Computer Science

GPA 3.85 / 4.3, Rank 2 / 39 (5.31%)

Side projects

ffxiv-bot                                                  from 2022.05

A discord bot that can search for ffxiv related items and I use a fine-tuned Bert model to let the user use natural language to search and it also integrates the market board API so it can also show the lowest price of all game servers.

msm-rss                                                from 2022.02

A tool and service to make the maplestory (m) game related information as a RSS file.



abracada-what / yellow-cards-bot   from 2020.07

A telegram game engine written in Python3 which can allow us to play board games in telegram group.


terra-mystica-analyze                       from 2021.05

A website to analyze all terra mystics (board game) playing data and visualize the recommended settings for the players.


ReSMi Find Job 110                                         from 2020.01

A research substitute military jobs finding system built with Vue3, Vuex, Materialize CSS, Leaflet, leaflet-color-number-markers and the data is crawled using Python.


Motion Learning                               from 2020.12

For those people who have reduced mobility outdoors, we build a system to monitor the subject's motion. By using OpenPose to detect the human skeleton, we then calculate the count of action and action-angle.




  • Vue, ES6+


  • Django, Flask, FastAPI, AIOHTTP
  • SpringMVC
  • GoogleAppsScript


  • SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • MongoDB, Redis



  • PWA
  • Vue Native
  • Native (Java, Kotlin)


  • PWA
  • Vue Native


  • Electron

Image processing


  • Numpy, Pillow, Sci-py, OpenCV
  • PyTorch, Tensorflow
  • FFMpeg

Deep learning

  • OpenPose
  • Detectron2
  • style2paints
  • Vid2Vid

I am familiar with using Python to do image processing and integrate with specific domains.


  • Kernel module
    • Platform device development
    • Network device development
  • Bash, Makefile, Docker
    • Scripting for compiling programs.


    GitHub (Git Flow), Docker, CircleCI, Netlify, Ubuntu, Firefox, VSCode user

    Oracle Cloud, GCP, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr.


Attendee  •  COSCUP

2018 - 2022

My favorite topics are machine learning, OpenStreetMap, GoogleAppsScripts, OpenUnlight.

Attendee  •  SITCON

2019, 2021

My favorite topics are social network analysis, deep learning and other useful service building experiences.

Staff  •  SITCON 2020

Jan 2020 - Aug 2020

Assist the conference in handling venues, equipment, attendee registration, catering, logistics, etc.

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