Sheng Ya (Shane) Kao

Shane has significant experience in developing partnerships and generating revenue. She is a self-motivated person who enjoys building business model with positive social impact. Also proved herself a fast learner by continuously creating substantial accomplishments across several industries in 2 years.


Project Manager, GRINNODOT                                                                                              2019.6 -2019.9

GRINNODOT is a startup pioneering in merging the platform business model into green energy industry.

1. Developed a new business model and established customer development strategy for it.
2. Monitored and advocated on public policy issues of importance to GRINNODOT actively.
3. Conducted research into electricity policy issues, working with other team members to fashion policy solutions.

Sales Manager, LongGood Meditech                                                                                  2020.3 -current

Rehabilitation service is unmet, and disrupted the most during the pandemic. LongGood develops tele-rehabilitation product to empower medical practitioners and acquired 50% of the market in Taiwan.

Sales Manager, 2021.3-current
1. Developed 2021 sales plan and established practical pricing strategy. 

2. Acquired and coached 2 professional sales from CV screening to interviewing efficiently . 
3. Negotiated with a distributor from Shandong, China, significantly push them to meet yearly sales quota.

International Sales Specialist, 2020.3-2021.3
1. Achieved 115% sales quota of Q3 in 2020, 117% of Q4, also developed new business from educational market.
2. Designed and initiated partnerships with 1 distributor and 1 publicly-traded company 2 months after on board.
3. Generated leads systematically from Singapore, China, Japan, and the US.

Founding employee, Origos Ltd                                                                                           2020.2 -current

Origos is founded by Alex Fan, founder of Money Weekly, the biggest financial media in China.

1. Created the business model and modified it by presenting to 30 professionals cold connected on LinkedIn.
2. Built solid partnership with the biggest franchise agency in Taiwan and 2 VC funds in 2 months solely.
3. Self-established and maintained online and off-line marketing channels, generated 2 successful deals.


180 Degrees Consulting, Secretary General                                                                     2017.10 -2019.1

180 DC is the world's largest consultancy for non-profits & social enterprises.

1. Lead the secretariat enthusiastically, comprised with 5 functions, including marketing, BD, and HR.
2. Defined and executed the 2017-18 annual strategic plan orderly.


National Taiwan University, BA, Political Science                                                              2016.9-2019.6

1. Extracurricular learning: Negotiate for professionals, Prof. Max, Lecturer of Warton
2. Favorite Courses: Women's and Gender Studies Program. Practice in Corporate Sustainability
3. Mentor: Louis Liu, BCG project leader, 2017 WEF Global Shaper
4. Group Activity: Basketball team (NTUPGB)

[email protected] | +886 908810827

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