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Shih-Fang Chen

Leaner in the fields of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Robotics • Taoyuan,TW

M.S., in Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Vision)

Honours Student of Taichung City

IELTS : overall band scores 6.0 

M.S. in Computer Science in the fields of Computer Vision and Robotics

【2018 ~ 2020 Postgraduate student in the field of Computer Vision】 

👉 An industry-university cooperative research project is now in progress, 

      focus on image restoration, image recognition and noise reduction.

 ● Computer Vision with OpenCV

 ● Deep Learning

 ● Big Data Analytics with R

Bookworm and Tech Geek

I am always hungry that I'm lovin' eat books, competitive paper, and cutting-edge know-how

Cover Letter and Pain Letter

Hi , 

This letter is to express my interest in the Computer Vision developer and engineer position.


With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, numerous hands-on experience in software development, and the ability to solve problems in a timely and accurate manner, I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort zone and beyond knowledge, as continuing to understand the first-hand cutting-edge technology are important to me and my contribution to your organisation.

Over the course of the school years: 【2018 ~ 2020 Postgraduate student in the field of Computer Vision】 
  • My great enthusiasm for Computer Vision research drives me to pursue a postgraduate degree. 
  • In these two years, I execute an industry-university cooperative research project which focuses on image restoration, image recognition and noise reduction while I got perfect straight-A grades in my academic performances
  • To broaden my area of expertise in Computer Vision, recently, I participated in a series of Computer Vision and Deep Learning training by official to develop deep knowledge in Computer Vision. 

 Over the course of the school years: 【2014 ~ 2017 Undergraduate Studies】
  • My character in pursuing superiority allow me to achieve outstanding academic performances and won the Honours Student Award.
  • I led a successful software project (Drone-Assisted Detection System for High-Risk Disaster Areas, using computer vision and automatic control techniques) as the team leader. This project solved the pain associated with emerging issues in disaster risk reduction and was awarded 4 awards in the different project competition.
  • Due to my recognised English proficiency, I won a fully-funded scholarship to study in Australia and lived with the local people, which help me to be more understanding of cultural differences and the first-hand cutting-edge technology to compete globally.

 I have good software development skills, Multilingual Communication Skills (English, Chinese, and Hokkien), and  interdisciplinary learning and knowledge integration capabilities.

Feel free to contact for further opportunities.


Shih-Fang Chen

Large Scale Application Development Experience (2016-2017)

The Development of Drone-Assisted Detection System for High-Risk Disaster Areas

Recently there have been many fearless relief workers who have bravely sacrificed their lives in hazardous areas. 
Based on that, I developed a Drone-Assisted Detection System for High-Risk Disaster Areas.


Team Leader and Software Engineer

  • Project Management skills: 
    • Team Building
    • Progress Management
    • Employee Motivation
    • Development:Coding/Unit Test 
    • Cost Management 
    • Project Completion Report 
    • Maintenance Supplies and Marketing
    • Production Migration
Project Objectives:

  1. Using aircraft patrols the surrounding area: It can be bound for any coordinates that supervisor asks by itself. An IP Camera and a Combustible Gas Sensor are mounted on the aircraft.Thus, it patrols the venue and the surrounding area before a disaster relief work.
  2. A flight control system:  Through the flight control algorithm, the aircraft can be controlled by the computer remotely.
  3. It is a self-flying drone: The drone will follow any object that supervisor select. It will be more effective when the supervisor monitors the remote environment with a view to giving accurate environmental information to the relief workers.
  4. The video and  GPS coordinates of the drone will be stored in the remote server automatically for the purpose of preventing any bombshell causing data loss.

           Chinese version Proposal Writing
          Slide and Videos

Personal Contribution:

  • Drone Assembly and Calibration experience
  • Mission Planner Ground Control Station Operating Experience (Python Script, PID, Compass, Accel Calibration, Calibrate Radio, et cetera)
  • Programming Experience in C++ and OpenCV Library
    • Functional Design
      • User Interface (for image source, User's Manual, and drone control functions)
      • Display a warning signal corresponding when combustible gases are detected
      • Display real-time drone data (battery, Flight height, speed, latitude, and longitude)
      • GPS mode input interface
      • A flight control algorithm
      • A Drone object tracking and following algorithm (Automatic Control and Computer Vision)
      • Real-time remote data storage service (video and GPS coordinate)
    • Skills that I am familiar with
      • Image processing skills (Morphological Operations)
      • Keyboard / Mouse event
      • Files I/O Operations
      • String Operations
  • Programming Experience in Python
    • Functional Design 
      • Read the text from C++ output file then send a Flight Control Command to the UAV platform automatically.
    • Skills that I am familiar with
      • Files I/O Operations
      • String Operations
      • Linked List Operations
      • Python Scripting in Mission Planner 
  • Aviation Safety Test and Bug Fixes


Professionalism means consistency of quality. 

                                                                                                                                        Frank Tyger


Team Leader

The 17th Elite Student


Organise an Australian study tour Exhibition with 19 people


Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation at CYUT


Hosting International Visitors

Military Police

Mandatory military service at

Military Police 202 Command 

Developing a Combat Mindset (Close Quarters Battle Skills)

Work Experience


Engineering Section of National Center for Traditional Arts - Taiwan Assistant (2014 summer)

Assist the professional staff to renovate the facilities of the centre and made it better.


System Management Section of Chao Yang University of Technology Administrator (2016 Spring) Computer maintenance services for the CYUT members and IT consultation and assistance.


Teaching and research assistant

TA for:

2019 Big Data Analytics course

2018 Linear Algebra course

, etc.

2018 Introduction to R for Data Science

2017 Bronze Medal Award in 2017 Creative Software Applications Contest

2017 全國大專校院軟體創作競賽,銅牌獎 (Photo in the Award ceremony) 

2017 Honourable Mention Award in 2017 Creative Software Applications Contest

2017 全國大專校院軟體創作競賽,值得注目獎

2017 Publishing conference paper in the 11th International Conference (AIT)


2016 First Place Award in the Project Competition of Dept.CSIE,CYUT

105 學年度資訊工程系「專題競賽」第一名

2015 Foundation Certificate in EPC Architecture Framework(RFID)

2014 Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA)


2013 Level B Technician for Computer Hardware Fabrication

勞動部 電腦硬體裝修 乙級技術士

2012 First Place Award in the World Robot Olympiad, Taipei

國際奧林匹亞機器人大賽 北區第一名

2012 Level C Technician for Web Page Design

勞動部 網頁設計 丙級技術士

2011 Level C Technician for Computer Hardware Fabrication

勞動部 電腦硬體裝修 丙級技術士 

2017 Honours Student Award, Taichung

台中市105學年度模範生 (Photo with the Taichung mayor)

2017 IELTS : overall band scores 6.0 (quadruple 6)

2015 The CYUT Elite Student (Fully-Funded Scholarship)


2013 Volunteer of Volunteer Training and Education


2013 Professional Certificates Award


2013 Perfect Attendance Record Award (High School)


2011 The Certiport Spelling Bee Advanced

Certiport美國拼字大賽 特優等

2010 Perfect Attendance Record Award (Senior High School)


2004 Abacus Calculation Level 3 / Mental Arithmetic Sections 4


Academic Achievement (2013~2017 undergraduate studies)

GPA : 3.64 / 4.0 , Average Score : 86.07 , ranking top 6 % by a 120 students group

GPA (CYUT).png

I had outstanding academic performances during the undergraduate studies. I tried my utmost to maximise my study efficiency so that the Grade Point Average rose steadily each semester. It at first rose from 3.1 to 3.63 in the course of four semesters, in the ensuing four semesters, it then plateaued at 4.0.

Computer Vision Programming (Learning Period : 2017~2020)

Knowledge gained:

  • Matrix and Image Operators
  • Image restoration
  • Noise reduction
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Image recognition and feature extraction
  • Contour Finding and Analysis
  • Tracking and Motion
  • Image Parts and Segmentation
  • Histograms and Matching
Programming language: Visual Studio - C++

Library: OpenCV with OpenCV contrib

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasure (Learning Period : 2016 Spring)

Knowledge gained:

  • Trojans and Backdoors 
  • SQL Injection
  • Buffer Overflow
Operating System: Kali Linux

Network Programming Skill (Learning Period : 2015 Spring)

Knowledge gained:

  • The client server-based TCP and UDP socket programming (TcpListener, TcpClient) 
  • The advanced Thread and Multiplexing I/O programming( Multithreading )
  • Implement a client server application
  • uses a try/catch block to catch a possible exception 
  • Data acquisition and analysis in HTTP (ToolStrip, WebBrowser, WebRequest)
Programming Language: Visual Basic.NET
Projects 02 00@2x

DS LAB 2019

Learning in the Data Science Lab YZU with Professor Ting-Ying Chien


Contact me in more detail through my LinkedIn.

Latest Resume Version:Feb 2019


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