Shih Heng Sun

Semiconductor Process Integration Engineer with 5+ years of experience.

TSMC PIE specializing in advanced technology semiconductor products (3nm~10nm). Well-versed in yield improvement of semiconductor manufacturing process, Logic IC yield analysis, and collaborating with production line to solve problems. Making a huge leap for TSMC advanced IC fabrication in process integration and yield improvement. Enthusiastic about semiconductor product development and design which can change people's lives.


Work Experiences

Yield Improvement Engineer  •  TSMC Fab12B

August 2016 - December 2020

Expert in most advanced Logic IC process (5nm~10nm) and familiar with advanced measuring instruments such as SEM, E-beam and Bright/Dark Field Inspection Tool.
Specialized in detecting defects to improve yield.
Collaborated with EE & PE to refine logic IC manufacturing procedure and lower production cost.

Process Integration Engineer  •  TSMC Fab12B / TSMC R&D

May 2019 - December 2019 / January 2021 - December 2021 

Proficient in analyzing the relationship between chip electrical properties and process problems.
Specialized in using electrical data analysis (3nm~5nm) to improve Logic IC performance
Experienced in hitherto the most advanced semiconductor process (3nm).


2013/09 - 2016/07

National Taiwan University

M.S. Photonics and Optoelectronics

2006/09 - 2010/06

National Taiwan University

B.S. Physics

Graduate Research

Enhancement of Emission Efficiency of Deep-ultraviolet AlGaN Quantum Wells through Surface Plasmon Coupling with an Al Protrusion Array


  • Semiconductor electrical property analysis
  • Advanced metrology tools (SEM, DB/DD and E-beam)
  • Excellent in problem-solving
  • Capable of both working on teams and individual
  • Influential communicating and reporting skills


  • English — Fluent
  • Chinese — Native
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