Chung-Yi Lin (Eric Lin)

I am a coder who has interests in areas such as building A.I. models, data analysis and software development,.  I am currently studying for a MSc Computer Science degree in the University of Birmingham with an expected graduation date of September 2022.  I am seeking a full-time position as a Software Developer/Data Scientist where I would have the opportunity to continue developing skills.  I have experience in training language models and building models to analyse statistic data and would really appreciate the opportunity to develop my career in a relevant field.

軟體工程師, 資料科學家, Software Engineer
Taipei Special Municipality,TW
[email protected]



  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • SQL

Software Framework

  • Django/Flask
  • Spring

ML Framework

  • Tensorflow / Keras
  • Pytorch

Development tools

  • Kubenetes
  • Kafka


NetPay, May 2022 ~ May 2022


2.Learning spring framework(Spring Boot, Spring Batch)

3.Deployed service on Kubernetes

叡揚資訊, 程式分析師, Jan 2020 ~ Jun 2020

1.Designed and developed analysis systems to extract information from large scale data. 

2.Designed and trained language models to correct grammatical errors in Mandarin (Traditional). 

3.Constructed an A.I learning cloud platform (Apache Submarine). 

4.Developed a natural language process algorithm. (Bert, ERNIE)

銘傳大學, Reaerch Assistant for Profressor Hsiu-Chuan Lee, Sep 2014 ~ Aug 2019

1. Developed analytical skills to handle numbers and digest a large amount of information.
2. Collected and managed data for statistical analysis with R,Python and Excel.


伯明翰大學, 碩士學位, 資工所, 2021 ~ 2022

The course places a particular emphasis on the Java language; it also includes modules such as Computer Systems, Software Engineering and Machine Learning. Based on this information, I developed skills and prepared myself accordingly in design programming and the construction of models to analyse usable data. 

Relative modules: Object-Oriented Programming, Computer System, Data Structure, Algorithm and Database, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


銘傳大學, 碩士學位, 財務金融所, 2014 ~ 2019

1. Specializing in Finance, including Financial Management, Investment theory, Econometrics, Microeconomics


交通大學, 學士學位, 應用數學系, 2009 ~ 2014

Basketball Team,Department of Applied Mathematics
1.Managed time schedule and be the mediator when teammates had different vision

Orientation Camp,Department of Applied Mathematics
President of Finance
1.Led a team to raise funds and make use of money efficiently and effectively

1. B.S in Applied Mathematics
2.Acquired solid knowledge and developed logical thinking in compulsory courses: Advanced Calculus, Probability, Statistical, Advanced Statistical

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