Sam Ho (Rong Son Ho)             

Back-end Engineer  •  Tainan, Taiwan  •  [email protected]

                                               + Over 5 years experience in programming

                                               + Good at communication and self-taught ability

Accepted pull requests in Github


django-admin: add page #4066

Add a new command description of django-admin.



fix: update google analytics #157

Fix google analytics snippet.



Back-end Engineer, Kdan Mobile Software, June 2020 ~ Feb 2022

Develop and Maintain cloud service on AWS with Ruby on Rails. Play with Docker and CI/CD to maintain stable services as my daily routine.
+ Supply cloud services based on Ruby on Rails, AWS and Docker
+ Attend `distance insurance(遠距投保)` project of Nanshan Life Insurance
+ Maintain one of the core cloud services: Cloud Storage
+ Survey and Integrate Datadog log monitoring service

Self-Taught, Good Ideas Studio, Feb 2020 ~ May 2020

Taught myself Backend, DevOps and Post over 30 articles about my learning journey

  • [想知道嗎] 推坑! Mac 的 Menubar 工具們. 2020-03-12

Sharing menubar-related macOS apps that help improve work efficiency.

+ Live(00:12:30~00:36:25): https://www.facebook.com/1531156107123591/videos/294494048182500/

+ Keynote: http://bit.ly/38NdbeV

  • [想知道嗎] [跟山姆組隊勇闖Python異世界] 第一關-解新手任務. 2020-03-26

Sharing the `what is python` and `what python can do`

+ Keynote: https://bit.ly/2Uuk1B6

  • [想知道嗎] 免費仔也能寫出漂亮的 API 文件. 2020-04-23

Sharing `why API document`, `how to write API doc`, `what tools to write API doc`

+ Live(00:22:05~00:35:28): https://www.facebook.com/GoodideasStudio/videos/628875411027811/

+ Keynote: https://bit.ly/2zod7Xg

  • [想知道嗎]  工商服務時間,你今天不完美了嗎? 2020-05-07

Sharing the value of my personal side project `BrightnessKing`

+ Live(00:38:09~00:54:58): https://www.facebook.com/GoodideasStudio/videos/259810655213686/

+ Keynote: https://bit.ly/2YGdjf6

Collaborative side project, Back-end developer & Project manager
Github: https://github.com/shrimp509/django-message-board
Django(Python) + GCP Compute Engine + MySQL
+ 2 web apps: `account system` and `board system`
+ 9 restful web APIs: `register/`,`login/`,`logout`,`post/`,`comment/`,`t2_comment/`,`like/`,`edit/`,`delete/`
+ over 60 unit tests: about 60% coverage
+ integrate with CircleCI for CI and CD
+ 3 project documents: `Requirements`, `Scrum user story`, `API document` using Apiary
+ using `Notion` for project management
    * project documents: https://www.notion.so/a0ea05abf82d4527a38447865a898cb4
    * dev progress tracking: https://www.notion.so/8c0b93cae14540dba3f6ecef7b5275e5
+ comments from partner: https://www.notion.so/for-Sam-158162effc81448f84db70f0fc62891d
Personal side project: Crawl the YouTube channel subscribe numbers through line chatbot
Github: https://github.com/shrimp509/linebot-yt-subscribe
Crawler(Python) + Django(Python) + GCP App engine + LineSDK(Python)
+ 4 blog articles: https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10230260
+ 2 web apps: `crawler` and `webhook`
  • Imperfect Brightness King - iOS
Personal side project: Solve one hand brightness operation
Github: https://github.com/shrimp509/BrightnessKing-iOS
Swift + Xcode
  • DramaGuy
Personal side project: Record drama progress
+ 1 web app: `record`
+ 3 restful web apis: `record/`, `edit/`, `delete/`

Android App Developer, IIR Lab of NCKU CSApr 2019 ~ Jan 2020

Mainly android app, other like video cutting, product survey, idea brainstorming

Personal side project: Solve one hand brightness operation
Kotlin(90%) + Java(10%) + GooglePlay
+ Service, BroadcastReceiver, custom view, drag physics, animation
+ Experience in officially launching app to Google Play
  • iCarer (i健康管家)
Java(60%) + Kotlin(40%)
+ Import `Java8`, `Kotlin`, `Coroutines`, `ButterKnife`, `MPAndroidChart`, `Firebase Crashlytics and RealtimeDatabase`, `Microsoft Face API`, `Health Bank API`
+ Contribute over 250 commits and 60 pull requests => 75% contributions
+ Refactor 30% dirty legacy codes
+ Receive over 40 web APIs through `Retrofit`
+ Design and Implement `Face Recognition Account System` without support of back-end
+ Read `ZenboSDK` document and Use `SLAM`, `DialogSystem` of `ZenboSDK`
  • DiagnosisHelper
Kotlin(80%) + Java(20%)
+ Import `Kotlin`, `Coroutines`, `ButterKnife`, `Firebase Crashlytics`
+ Contribute over 75 commits and 13 pull requests => 95% contributions
+ Receive over 5 web APIs through `Retrofit`
+ Design and Implement custom binary tree structure for questions and highlights
  • Pocket consultant (Line chatbot)
Crawler(Python) + Django(Python)
+ Design and Implement the chatbot application
+ Crawl over 3000 articles on 早安健康 and over 1000 products on 大樹健康購物網
+ Contribute 4 commits and 1 pull request => 33% contributions
  • StoryBook
+ Read `ZenboSDK` document and Use `DialogSystem`, `MotionControl` of `ZenboSDK`
+ Contribute over 25 commits => 100% contributions



Master Degree of Communication Engineering,

National Chung Cheng University, 2016 ~ 2018

+ Researched on memory overflow of Software-Defined Network


Bachelor Degree of Communication Engineering,

National Chung Cheng University, 2012 ~ 2016

+ Developed 3 Android Apps for COGSCI

+ As a president of guitar club because of good at communication.

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