Shubo (Chris) Chao

I'm a senior front-end engineer with nine-year working experience. I love building user-friendly, beautiful, and performant web applications, and I'm interested in performance optimization in front-end applications. For example, I improved the loading speed of Omlet Arcade, a mobile game streaming platform, by 30%. I am currently looking for a company where I can contribute my talent.

Skills: React, Redux, JavaScript, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, CSS-in-JS, Webpack, D3.js, C++, Python

Senior Frontend Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]

Work Experience

Ingenta Inc., Senior Front-End Developer, May 2021 ~ Feb 2022

• Designed the architecture of an AI-based web product and implemented it from scratch as the sole frontend engineer in a fast-paced startup. (React/D3.js/TypeScript)
• Containerized the web app, deployed it to AWS and built the whole CI/CD process to enable fast delivery of the product. (AWS Elastic Container Service/CodePipeline/Docker/Nginx)

Omlet Inc., Senior Front-End Engineer, May 2019 ~ Apr 2021

• Developed features for the web app of Omlet Arcade (, one of the world's largest mobile game streaming platforms. (React/Redux/JavaScript/HTML5/SCSS)
• Improved the user experience by decreasing JavaScript bundle size by 40% and shortening the website's loading time by 30%. (See
• Integrated third-party APIs to enable monetization, e.g., Stripe payment API, Facebook streaming API

Bridgewell Inc., Senior Front-End Engineer, Sep 2016 ~ Dec 2018

• Deliver front-end features for GoYoMoney (, a Taiwan cashback and price comparison website. (JavaScript/React.js/SCSS/SSR/Node.js)
• Acted as the front-end tech lead for three full-time engineers, mentored four industry hires and interviewed 30+ engineer candidates.
• Optimized page loading speed by applying various techniques, e.g., HTTP/2, Long Term Cache, JS bundle splitting, and reducing CSS bundle size from 1.5Mb to 200kb (-87%).
• Built the mobile apps for GoYoMoney from scratch as the sole mobile engineer. (React Native/Android/iOS/Java/Objective-C)
• Built the CI/CD process for the front-end app development and integrated automated code linting and unit testing into the pipeline. (Jenkins/GitLab CI/Mocha/Karma/Chai/ESLint)

Trend Micro Inc., Software Engineer, Sep 2013 ~ Aug 2016

• Developed a desktop file synchronization software on Windows/Mac, and improved file transferring performance by implementing various techniques. (C++/Objective-C/JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3)


Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering (CS Major), National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Sep 2011 - Aug 2013

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Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Sep 2007 - June 2011

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