I have been engaged in chemical research and development for five years.

I am currently working as a development engineer at JSR Micro in Taiwan.

I mainly correspond to the relevant experiments of the materials developed by the customers.

I have the ability of organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, product preparation, various machine measurement and various customized experiments. In response to the questions raised by customers, do experiments to answer and solve problems.

As in the research and development unit, from product launch to mass production, learn to cooperate and communicate with other departments. In the case of non-major damage, the equipment can also eliminate its problems and make it work smoothly.

  Yunlin County, Taiwan  



R&D Engineer  •  JSR Micro

Oct 2018 -  Present

V Adjust the monomer ratio to synthesize polymers with different properties.

V Modulate the required photoresist according to the development needs of different customers.

V Use a variety of instruments to measure and obtain customized experiments with corresponding data to improve customer satisfaction and reliability.

V Help the company to obtain orders and get the affirmation of the Chairman's Award.

R&D Assistant Engineer   •  SHIFENG TECHNOLOGY

Apr 2016 - Sep 2018

V Assist in the research and development of monomers synthesized in small quantities, stabilize their process, and scale up their experiments.

V Synthesize monomer structures for customized requirements.

V Adjust the polymer polymerization of different formulations, achieve the characteristics required by customers, and obtain orders.

V Completed the process has enlarged five projects, so that the product can be produced and shipped stably in the stage of R&D to process.

Engineering Assistant •  HIMAX TECHNOLOGIES,INC

Sep 2014 - Apr 2015

V According to the regulated procedures or according to the standard inspection manual for testing.

V Record test results.

V Repeated verification tests and technology transfer using different programs or equipment.


2010 - 2014

國立東華大學 | National Dong Hwa University



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  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Python


  • English — 初階
  • Japanese — 初階
  • Chinese — 母語或雙語
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