Shayan Balaee

Full Stack Developer

Email: [email protected]

I'm a 22 year-old university student studying Computer Engineering. I started learning programming when I was 15 years old with the Quick Basic programming language and went all the way up to C#. After a 1 year break, I started learning modern programming and web-development.
I'm constantly trying to improve my skills in Software Engineering and development.
I have work experience in both Frontend (ReactJS) and Backend (Golang, NodeJS) development.

Work Experience

Software Developer 


August 2021 - Present

Nito-Labs is an early stage European startup based on the Ethereum blockchain with more details about it being revealed as development continues. 
My work includes:
- Developing testable and maintainable backend applications and writing various blockhain based cron-jobs in a distributed system using Golang and NodeJS
- Consulting and Co-Leading the Frontend team, code review, stack selection, etc.  

Frontend Developer


August 2021 - May 2022
California, USA

I worked as a frontend developer in Linquip. We used NextJS alongside Redux and various other tools in our stack.
While working there we strived to create our features and components in an scalable/usable way since the scale of our project is pretty big.

I really fit in well with the team at Linquip and loved every moment working there.

Full Stack Developer

Wish Work

May 2021 - August 2021
Tehran, Iran

I worked as a full stack developer for a few months in Wish Work. In this timespan, I developed one  ECommerce Full-Stack application ( Also, in collaboration with another developer, we developed an application for university admissions. (Pen Students)

Full Stack Developer

Shid Almas Samin

January 2021 - June 2021
Tehran, Iran

I worked as Full Stack Developer but mostly worked on Backend side of things. I have developed the backend of one web application and also written a REST-API for the company's Wallet service. On top of that I developed the backend of the company's Support Chat service that is used by all the applications.
Lastly, I co-developed another big backend for one other web application in the company.

I also worked on multiple different front-end projects but usually smaller ones. I developed different panels (Admin and Advertiser) for one of the applications (Club) using React and Redux.

               Below are the apps/services I wrote as Full Stack Engineer in Shid Almas Samin

News Web Application (Backend using NodeJS and Express)

News is one of the 12 different apps that our company wanted to build. I wrote the backend for News In span of 3 months while working on different projects in between aswell. It's a big news website/application with advertisement and a shop for magazines. Users can order articles for them to be written by the website's writers.

News Web Application (Frontend using NextJS)

I also designed the frontend side of the News app using NextJS. It was my first serious project using NextJS and I had good time learning how it handled server-side rendering. Still need to learn more about it.

Support Chat Service (Backend)

This project is a support chat service for the 12 different websites/apps that the company I worked for had. 

Wallet and payment system

A wallet and payment system that is used by the apps in the company.

Co developer of Club web application (Backend)

Another one of the applications our company planned to build.  I co-developed it alongside another developer. 

Admin and Advertiser Panel (Front-End)

This project was built using CRA and it was the admin panel for the club application.


Note: Most of these projects are built for myself and are demos hence they aren't in production.

Big Number Calculator

A super-fast application to calculate different mathematical operations on big numbers. Powered by React and Electron

Full Stack website with a CMS

Built using React and Redux on the front-end and Node and Express on the back-end alongside MongoDB for the database

This project will be soon deployed and used as the ICT website for my university.

Streaming service

barebones React application that is similar to You can start streaming and sharing your desktop using apps like OBS and users can watch other people's streams. Powered by ReactJS, Node and  RTMP.

Online Real-Time Multiplayer Backgammon

Simple game with a matchmaking system (built using data structures written with pure javascript, canvas api +, node).

"Any" Hanoi Towers solver(canvas, js, node)

You can solve any Hanoi tower problem with this app chatroom

Online Educational Website

This one is a bit more back-end oriented. You can buy courses, watch and download the episodes for that course. There's a vip system for users. Users have different roles and it's managed using an ACL (access control list) system. The website also has a CMS in which different roles have access to different things. Powered by Node, Express, EJS and Mongoose

20+ mini web-apps 

I have built 20+ mini web-apps with the help of online resources while I was learning the basics (HTML, CSS, JS). The apps are deployed on my personal website.


Sep 2019 - Present

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

Computer Engineering


  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Git
  • Redux
  • VueJS
  • NuxtJS
  • Node.js
  • HTML & CSS
  • SASS
  • ExpressJS
  • Golang
  • Fiber
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