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Ming-Fong Sie

Chasing your dream make you all the difference and bring positive impact to world.


Taipei, TW
[email protected]


National Taiwan University, Sep 2018 ~ 2022

Ph.D of Computer Science and Information Engineering

National Taiwan Normal University, Sep 2015 ~ 2018

Master of Computer Science 

National Taiwan Normal University, Sep 2012 ~ 2015

Bachelor of Engineering 

Work Experience

SuDo Research, Research Fellow , Nov 2021 ~ Present

Research blockchain cross-chain and layer2 solution.

Google,  University Relations Scholar , May 2021 ~ Present

We work on the global Google Pixel executive team for Android Testing and MLIR compiler. Our current primary focus is on Android Hook to speed up Android. 

Smart Contract Research Forum,  Researche Fellow, Dec 2020 ~ Present

Research and summary blockchain topics including Consensus, Security, Scaling, etc.

Poloniex, Market Maker, Jan 2020 ~ Aug 2020

The monthly trading volume average reaches 5 million. My role is one of Plus Gold members. 

Formosa Plastics Group, Researcher, Apr 2020 ~ Dec 2020 Research and develop privacy preserving supply chain blockchain structure, tamper-proof e-commerce blockchain trading platform, NLP decision assistant system with BERT algorithm.

Taiwan Blockchain Academia, Director, Aug 2020 ~ Present

At present, more than 15 universities have joined to establish the Taiwan Blockchain Academia, which is an academic alliance formed by Taiwan universities for blockchain research. 

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Project Manager, Jan 2019 ~ Present

Research and develop High-throughput low latency multi-layer blockchain with BFT-like consensus.
Research and develop privacy preserving and authority control blockchain protocol.

Good Neighbors, Co-founder, Jul 2019 ~ Present

Organizing and supporting for non-profit events for child specialist in campus bullying.


2020 金管會黑客松 主題「AI 企業健檢醫生」、「打虎抓賊也著親兄弟」

2020 總統盃黑客松 主題「海洋區塊鏈 垃圾變黃金」榮獲第六名

ITRI -- 具資料隱私與權限控管之區塊鏈系統 109

ITRI -- 高吞吐量及低延遲之多層區塊鏈平台 108

MOST -- 分散式智慧金融共享平台--分散式智慧金融共享平台(3/3) 108-2218-E-002 -050 -

Journal Paper

Yu-Jing Lin, Ming-Fong Sie, Po-Wei Wu, Cheng-Han Hsu, Wei-Kang Fu and Shih-wei Liao. "Bitcoin Address Classification: Transaction HistorySummarization with Conventional Features and TemporalInformation." accepted for publication in International Journal of Network Management (SCI) - Manuscript ID NEM-19-0246 28-Oct-2019

Conference Paper

Tsai, D. Y., Harding, S. A., Sie, M. F., & Liao, S. W. (2021, May). Testbed Design and Performance Analysis for Multilayer Blockchains. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

Wu, J., Sie, M. F., Harding, S. A., Lin, C. L., Wang, S. T., & Liao, S. W. (2021, September) Multi-Layer Aggregate Verification for IoT Blockchain. In 2021 IEEE Conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services (BRAINS).  IEEE.

Liao, Y. C., Su, Y. S., Tasi, H. C., Chiang, K. U., Harding, S. A., Sie, M. F., & Liao, S. W. (2021, September) View-based Federated Byzantine Agreement System for Environmental Blockchain. In 2021 IEEE Conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services (BRAINS). IEEE.

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