ZHANG, JIN-YU Full-Stack Developer

Develop from designing to programming.

Always seeking a better solution.

‣ Team Guideline Experience ::
Followed a Full Side development guideline in a R&D team as a member, established a media working flow from scratch as a manager.

‣ Product-Driven Principle ::
Split Application/Marketing-Content projects into a short-term version to follow customer's needs and a long-term plan for the stable version development.

‣ Communication ::
Played a role in leading communications with Engineers and Marketing Executives/Sales and Designers.

Currently looking for a job such as

Front-End Developer

in Taipei, Taiwan · Singapore · America · Taichung, Taiwan
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Front End




JavaScript ES6+

Gulp / Webpack




Bootstrap 4 / Semantic UI / Material UI

Back End



MySQL / MariaDB







GCP Computer Engine


Other Tools



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Power Point








Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Photoshop


Digital Marketing

Product Analysis



Mother tongue.



Work Experience As a Developer

Edallianz, Full Stack Engineer, Aug 2019 - Oct 2019

‣ Front End Development
· Maintained our Web application LeJourney ( a class booking website ), EdToolBox ( a dashboard website for schools to manage classes on LeJourney ), and BizAdmin ( an internal website for us to manage our school partners on EdToolBox ) for Marketing need from developing to deploying.
· Worked closely with Marketing Persons to developed a sub-brand EdAdviser ( a school comment website opens to everyone ) under LeJourney, instantly updated features and UIs with Marketing campaigns.
· Developed a dashboard website for EdAdvsier using Django-React.
· Used Git-GitLab for version control.

‣ Back End Development
· Developed and deployed RESTful APIs under the Microservices structure using Docker, Django.
· MySQL Database management.
· Used Git-GitLab for version control.

‣ Server Maintenance
· Responsible for our server on AWS and GCP, including Performance Tuning, Backup, Error Handling, Migration.


Edallianz, UI/UX Design Specialist & Front-End Engineer, Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

‣ Front End Development
· Fully responsible for our Web application LeJourney ( a class booking website ) from developing to deploying. Applied new features with user flow improvement, such as trim a 3-step checkout process to a 1-step real-time checkout process.
· Modernized the Front End structure from jQuery scripts to Webpack-JavaScript ES6+ modules.
· Followed the DRY principle to manage CSS with SCSS and create Mixins, Variables for long-term usage.
· Bridged APIs, setup URLs, and practiced CSRF/Session/File Forms Exchange/i18N under Django.
· Used Git-GitLab for version control.

‣ UI Design
· Created Wireframe/Mockup for implementing features into the existing iOS/Android/Web Application using Sketch and Craft. The UIs followed the product's own UI pattern.
· Build Prototypes for the POS system and iOS/Android application user flow testing with Sketch Prototyping on Zeplin.
· Worked closely with iOS/Android engineers to secure the UI was corresponding to the Mockup.

‣ UX Flow
· Provided iOS/Android Application user flow via Wireflow/Flowchart in response to the combination of existing flows and new features using Sketch.
· Created Wireflow for the POS system and instantly updated the WireFlow as the product direction changed.
· Designed a new Sitemap/Wireframe for the existing Websites.
· Provided Wireflow for our business partner's Website using Sketch, Overflow.

‣ Product Direction
· A part of Scrum to coordinate with other Engineers and Marketing Persons.
· Identify the key advantage of products to drive the products' direction from both the Designer/Engineer side.

‣ WordPress
· Migrated/Recreated partner's website on our GCP with WordPress and Custom CSS.



A dashboard website for schools to manage classes on LeJourney ( a class booking website ).

Git · AWS EC2 · Apache · Bootstrap · SCSS · jQuery · Django · Python

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An internal website for us to manage our school partners on EdToolBox ( a dashboard website for schools to manage classes on LeJourney ). Lejourney is a class booking website.

Django · AWS EC2 · Apache · Bootstrap · SCSS · Git · jQuery · Python


A class booking website.

Website Link

Git · AWS EC2 · Apache · SCSS · jQuery · Django · Python

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A school comment website opens to everyone. Website Link

Python · Django · JavaScript ES6+ · SCSS · Webpack · Apache · AWS EC2 · Git · jQuery

EdAdviser Dashboard

A dashboard website for EdAdvsier ( a school comment website opens to everyone ).

Material UI · React · Webpack · JavaScript ES6+ · AWS EC2 · Apache · Git · Django · Python

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UI/UX, WordPress

Please see Portfolio Section for other works related to UI/UX or made with WordPress.

Work Experience In Marketing and Design Field

Servicetech International Inc., Marketing and Design Manager, Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

‣ Brand Identity
· Robust branding database, created more than 250 icons and 30 layout options to reduce the time needed for designing.
· Designed a unique illustration style for the brand, making the brand a cut above the rest within the Taiwan medical equipment scene.
· Established writing templates for long-form articles and short-form social media posts to streamline the production timeline required for content creation.
· Planned and created 11 unique product catalogs to integrate all marketing information in a 1-page brochure. Convenient reference material for customers, and is the go-to marketing collateral for the sales team.

‣ Marketing Strategy
· Wrote a product sales pitch that highlighted how our products can be combined to use in one medical treatment - offered our customers the convenience of sales and a better understanding of how our products can benefit their patients. We strengthened customer relationships, and customers were more willing to refer us to other people.
· Established a strong USP for each product to the sales team, so they can make more effective sales pitches.
· Analyzed the pros and cons of every product and the medical theories that apply to our product. Illustrated the data and analysis through graphic design.

‣ Team Efficiency
· Introduced a file naming and classification protocol to maintain an organized working format for all projects in the marketing team.
· Demonstrated leadership by implementing a Cloud storage app to promote collaboration within the business.
· Set up specific evaluation criteria and recruitment process for hiring any marketing members or graphic designers.


Servicetech International Inc., Marketing and Design Executive, Jun 2017 - Oct 2017

‣ Marketing Concept Creation
· Established marketing operation and design style within a sales-driven company.
· As the company was mainly promoting its Original Equipment Manufacturers previously, I established a brand name so the company could promote it's products more effectively.

‣ Branding
· Independently designed the CIS for the business, includes the logo, font, color, OEM logos and list of promotional terms the teams can use.
· A website created with WordPress.
· Created animated videos to introduce medical theories to educate customers and their patients.
· Photographed 32 products for use in marketing collaterals
· Using the CIS guidelines, I created more than 21 roll-up banners, backdrops, and flyers for exhibitions and workshops, saving booth design fees in the process.
· Designed more than 55 customized posters and flyers for our customers
· Part of the planning team for 3 introduction manuals for new employees
· Designed several Internal use forms.

‣ Facebook Fan Page
· The Facebook page was created with the objective of promoting Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy for layman customers
· A sub-brand identity system was used for the Facebook page, creating a unique look that is still recognizable as part of the company's brand design.
· Attracted more than 3800 followers with high engagement ( at least 10 customer queries each day ) despite a limited marketing budget. also brought a great number of the patient to our customers.



National Formosa University, BFA, Multi-Media Design, 2012 - 2017

‣ United Faculty Volleyball Team ::

4 Events.

‣ NFU Dancing Club ::

43 Events.

‣ NFU Multi-media Design Volleyball Team ::

11 Events.

‣ NFU Multi-media Design Society ::

15 Events.

›› Check this link for events detail in Chinese ::


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