Marketing Analyst

  Taipei City, Taiwan

I like to help people arrange their questions and find solutions for business strategy. I'm an experienced analyst for user experience research, industry research, and strategy making.



Marketing Analyst  •  HTC (VIVEPORT)

十二月 2020 - Present

◇ Contribute the 10%YoY growth rate of subscribers by maintaining developers' and users' relationships by leading consumer-focused research projects to understand users' needs and use research results for the strategy that satisfies developers and users.

◇ Create 3-5 cross-business corporate opportunities every quarter by assembling market data and third-party research reports by finding a potential market, building a business model, and estimating the market size and revenue for new business.

VR Product Insight  •  HTC Vive

四月 2019 - 十二月 2020

◇ Dig out at least over 20 potential industries and market VR/5G products by delivering insights and storytelling materials, making customers understand new technologies' benefits to boost sales.

◇ Work for C-level team by gathering and analyzing large amounts of information expeditiously and developing insightful recommendations and market dynamics to manage the department.

ROG Market Researcher  •  ASUS

八月 2018 - 四月 2019

◇ Analyzed industry issues and new tech for strategy building by collecting data, which observation is the base for the product team to decide to join a new market. The sales result from the gamer market is that ROG ranks as No.1 in the gaming laptop market and is indicated as the most popular brand amongst PC gamers.

◇ Create at least 3-4 new target markets by utilizing quantitative & qualitative research to judge the potential market for product plan; results make ROG start target creator and streamer market.

Laptop Product Planning Specialist  •  ASUS

八月 2016 - 八月 2018

◇ Work with global sales team to identify sales issues by monitoring internal sales numbers and third-party market research.

◇ Integrate technology industry status information and market insight for sales reports help regional sales managers make accurate sales decisions.

Mobile Industry Analyst  •  TrendForce Corporation

三月 2016 - 八月 2016

◇ Build the perspective of the mobile industry through first-hand interviews and announcing industry trends reports. The results are used as the reference for forecasting future customer and industry trends.

Industrial Analyst  •  President Securities Corporation

九月 2015 - 一月 2016

◇ Responsible for mobile devices and laptop supply chain research, writing investment reports for stockholders by interviewing companies, making financial forecasting models, and gathering industry information.

◇ Visit at least 20 companies in one month, and maintain over 100 companies' financial models for stock research.

Industry Analyst  •  Institute for Information Industry

四月 2011 - 七月 2014

◇ Responsible for the e-Commerce industry. Mainly in analyzing e-Commerce business models and industry and competitor interactions through market research and executed research.

◇ Executed Taiwan online store survey and online shopping research. The study resulted in designing policies and standards for the government and working on Taiwan software policy issues.


National Chengchi University

Business Administration

2014 - 2015

National Taiwan Normal University

Library and Information Science

2008 - 2011

National Taiwan Normal University

Library and Information Science

2004 - 2008


  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Google Analytics


  • English — 專業
  • Japanese — 專業
  • Korean — 初階
  • Chinese — 母語或雙語
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