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Passionate into finding innovative solution to address problems in the world with limited resources. Love challenges, team work, entrepreneurship & finding anyone's email that I want to reach out to.


National Taipei University of Technology  

08/2014 - 05/2018 Taipei City, Taiwan

Material & Mineral Resources Engineering

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Operation Intern 


10/2016 - 03/2017  Taipei City, Taiwan 

Social enterprise E-commerce of healthy milk born in Food Safety issue.  

  -In charge of the first offline store and keep operating & selling, that drive 20% of sales.

  -Business Development:  Send cold call & cold emails to more than 20+ big enterprise, local drink store. 

  -Partner with more than 20+ enterprise (ex: intel, Yahoo Taiwan, hp, KKbox...... ). offer exclusive discounts,  well-connected with local business & enterprise ecosystem in Nangan District, Taipei.

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Maker / Self Starter / Side Project

12/2015 - 05/2019  Taipei City, Taiwan

1) Co-found Codewithnofear, Curated learning resources for Web Application newbie. 

 (12/2015 - 02/2016)

  Bootstrapped the project from 0 to 1 and achieved things below under 1 month :  

   -Teach myself how to code (html, css, some javascript). 

   -Curated best learning resources over the world. Wrote an Completed edited E-book guid on relative content, and got 200+ users sign up for service. 


2) Started website building & design service for local business for living.  

(04/2017 - 09/2018) 


 3) Join Failory team as Project lead of Content SEO  . 

(05/2019 - Now)

      Failory is a community where failed startup owners come to tell their failure stories and the mistakes they committed, so that future entrepreneurs can learn from them and don’t make the same errors.  

Failory was #1 Product of the DayJuly 30, 2017 on ProductHunt

  -Coming with content ideas and a strategy for the blog Managing the content and giving feedback to content writers.

  -Write content SEO optimized: Round ups include asking some experts in the topic what they think about it.

  -Approach & Interview indie entrepreneur who are building online business.

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Project Associate 


10/2018 - 02/2019 Taipei City, Taiwan

Help launching in Taiwan Market.
  -in charge of multiple projects Creating new strategic ideas to streamline internal and external processes for restaurant partners and internal teams. 
  -Set up the on-boarding process for new restaurants, helping them to serve their first order as quickly as possible.  Optimize 
  -Work with a variety of stakeholders both within the team such as the Heads of Sales, Design, Technical teams. and externally. 
  -In charge of Food Photographers from Hiring to Managing.

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PROJECT - WorkoutPartner

I love to workout in the gym from high school and I found there is no better way to connect fitness-oriented people closer so I want to build a place that conect fitness people with each other in local area by GPS to do fitness activity.  To choose the better partner, I’ll make User answer some questions like what’s your goal, what kind of partner you are looking for?  then filter out the best one.

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We are Developing an active community of fitness people

By matching great partner for our User by app premium service

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Project - StartupBox (in progress)

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 Tools and Resources for non-technical founder/builder/maker

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  • Non-Technical Founder
  • Startup Cafe (創咖啡) Program
  • Founder Institute Program


Material & Mineral Resources Engineering 

National Taipei University of Technology

 09/2014 - 09/2018   Taipei, Taiwan
  • Join Student Association and fight for the rights of student, the vice organizer of Student Conference.