Simon Wang

Software Engineering Manager

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • 10 years of coding experience in C/C++, Go, Java, and Python.
  • 5 years of people management experience.
  • 9 years of project management experience.
  • Proficient in hypothetical thinking to solve issues.
  • Proficient in systematic thinking to design solutions.
  • Proficient in progressive improvement to establish and optimize processes.
  • Goal-oriented and business thinking.
  • Great at cross-functional communication and coordination.



Software Engineering Manager  •  Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Managed and directed the department to accomplish the division's and company's goals.

  • Implemented the agile methodology to lead and develop the project/product, delivering value at a fantastic speed.

  • Communicated with the customers and stakeholders initiatively to clarify the requirements and learn the domain knowledge.
  • Kept the promise and helped the teams to deliver the outcome on time.
  • Set up the department and division roadmap and accomplished the extra goals.

  • Facilitated knowledge sharing and information transparency in the organization.

  • Engaged and responsible for the research institution and the government's project of air quality sampling and monitoring.
  • Won the success of the 2020 online Expo and Taiwan Excellence Award.
  • Kept the department at high performance during the period of working from home.

  • Made the system easier to develop and maintain by designing the system interface, modeling the service, and abstracting the code.

  • Delivered products include IoT management systems, dashboards, online stores, and web API services.

  • Improved and refactored the legacy system by progressive improvement.

  • Introduced the CI/CD environment and built the operation team.

  • Utilized the tools of Slack, Telegram, Zoom, Miro, etc., to create a better working environment.

  • Crafted the utilities or libraries for teams to improve team efficiency.

  • Emphasized teamwork and communication.

  • Undertook the R&D representative of the risk group under the information security committee and assisted organizations and products in obtaining the ISO-27001 certification from 2020.

六月 2019 - Now

Customer Project Manager  •  DT42 Co., Ltd.

  • Managed the projects, identified and created business opportunities, and controlled the costs and profits.

  • Negotiated with the customers for a better contract for both.

  • Participate in the 2018 Meet Taipei for the booth of Audi Experience 2025.

十月 2018 - 二月 2019

Software Project Manager  •  Switchmate Home LLC

  • Led and managed an 8+ person development team in Taiwan and worked with worldwide partners.

  • Utilized the agile methodology to develop and manage the project and product.

  • Designed the system and produced the software requirement specification for contractors and ODMs according to the product requirement document.
  • Set up the war room with daily face-to-face meetings in Shanghai to solve critical issues with the chip provider and contractors.

  • Took the extra roles of system architect and developer, e.g., designing the smart home eco-system and developing the secure bootloader of end devices.

  • Took the initiative in analyzing and optimizing the device's power consumption.

  • Undertook the office administration role and arranged contractors' flights and trips to meet manufacturers in Shenzhen.

一月 2017 - 九月 2018

Freelancer and Founder  •  Asenus

  • Contracted for software/firmware development and technical consultant service.

  • Utilized IT technology, knowledge, and experience to facilitate agriculture.

  • Product design and development.

十一月 2015 - Now

Senior Engineer  •  Amtran Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Innovated the new backlight control system and became a competitive advantage for the company.

  • Created a GUI tool of universal IR with a script editor adopted by QA and the factory for the automation test.

  • Produced a GUI tool for the PQ department to manage picture quality parameters by Git.

  • Developed the leading model of the connected TV.

  • Worked with the IC vendor and factory to develop the first generation Android TV.

九月 2010 - 三月 2015


2007 - 2009

National Central University

Communication Engineering

2001 - 2006

Fu Jen Catholic University

Computer Science and Information Engineering


  • Golang, C, C++, Java, Python
  • Cloud Service & Embedded System
  • Wireless Network & Cryptography
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Software Development
  • Team Building and Leading


  • Chinese Native
  • English — Business
  • Japanese — Beginner
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