Wang, Chih Sheng (Simon)


  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • 9 years of coding experience in C/C++, Go, Java, Python.
  • 5 years of people management experience.
  • 8 years of project management experience.
  • Proficient in hypothetical thinking to solve issues.
  • Proficient in systematic thinking to design the solutions.
  • Proficient in progressive improvement to establish and optimize processes.
  • Goal-oriented and business thinking.
  • Great at cross-functional communication and coordination.

  New Taipei City, Taiwan



Software EngineerManager  •  Edimax Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Reported to the cloud director of the IoT division.

  • Directed the teams to accomplish the goals of the division and company.

  • Took over, recruited, and rebuilt a new development team in 1.5 months.

  • Built the framework, libraries, tools, and CI/CD for development and the SOP for release and deployment.

  • Took the initiative in identifying and improving the system/performance bottlenecks and risk factors.

  • Set up the team and division roadmap and accomplished the extra goals to improve the team performance.

  • Facilitated knowledge sharing and information transparency.

  • Coordinated with multiple departments and communicated with foreign customers to develop the products and deliver the value at a fantastic speed.
  • Won the success of the 2020 online Expo and Taiwan Excellence Award.
  • Led the teams in high performance remotely during the period of working from home.

  • Undertook the role of the system architect and strategy advisor in the division and collaborated with the firmware and mobile app teams to work out the service requirements, system architecture, protocols, APIs, and sequence diagrams.

  • Undertook the role of the project manager, working with the stakeholders, including customers, supplier, product planning, firmware, mobile app, design, test, and customer service to acquire and clarify the customer requirements, manage schedules, and deliver values.

  • Undertook the role of the operation manager and built up the operation team responsible for cloud service reliability.

  • Undertook the role of software R&D representative of the risk group under the information security committee and assisted organizations and products in obtaining the ISO-27001 certification from 2020.

  • Substituted the firmware manager for 1 month.

  • Project lead

    • Online shopping platform (2020~Now)

    • Network management system (2020~Now)

    • SmartPlug extension (2020)

    • Electronic shelf label system (2020)

    • Civil IoT Taiwan data integration (2019~2020)

    • Airbox and monitoring system (2019~2020)

    • ONVIF compatible NVR/Cloud storage (2019)

六月 2019 - Now

Customer Project Manager  •  DT42 Co., Ltd.

  • Reported to the CEO and worked with project managers, developers, and data scientists.

  • Managed customer relationships,  quotations, and projects to earn profits.

  • Working in a Scrum environment.

  • Took over the ongoing projects and renegotiated with the customers for a new contract.

  • Undertook the sales/marketing role to generate leads, collect customer info, identify business needs, plan marketing strategies and promotions.

  • Participate in 2018 Meet Taipei for the booth of Audi Experience 2025.

  • Owned the following solutions for machine/deep learning.

    • End-to-end edge computing AI solutions

    • Vision intelligence solution of deep learning for surveillance, smart factory, and smart city

    • Automatic data labeling

十月 2018 - 二月 2019

Software Project Manager  •  Switchmate Home LLC

  • Reported to the CEO and worked with the CTO, product director, software director, and developers located in the US.

  • Led the team in Taiwan and coordinated with other units to develop a smart home ecosystem including devices, mobile apps, and the cloud.

  • Recruited and managed an 8+ person team, including hardware, firmware, software, and testing.

  • Took the initiative in solving and optimizing the device's power consumption.

  • Solved the critical firmware issues with the chip provider and contractors by setting up the war room and face-to-face daily meetings in Shanghai.

  • Arranged the flight and trip to meet with contractors and manufacturers in Shenzhen to solve the issues and be the technical advisor.

  • Undertook the role of office administration.

  • Managed the suppliers and contractors in Taiwan & China.

  • Designed the architecture of the smart home ecosystem according to the user scenarios from the CEO and product director.

  • Designed the protocols over UART, BLE, and WiFi.

  • Developed the firmware of the battery IP camera and doorbell.

  • Project lead

    • Battery IP camera (2017~2018)

    • Smart home ecosystem and sensor network (2017~2018)

一月 2017 - 九月 2018

Freelancer and Founder  •  Asenus

  • Software/firmware development and technical consultant service

  • Taiwan tea product promotion, education, selection, and consulting service

    • Taiwan’s Oolong tea process improvement

    • Taiwan’s tea marketing and brand building

  • Product design and development

    • Gift boxes, Taiwan’s Oolong tea products

  • Interested in agriculture, marketing, visual/UX design, and product development

十一月 2015 - Now

Senior Engineer  •  Amtran Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Responsible for the firmware and software on the embedded systems and worked with the team of HW, PM, QA, PE, TE, power, wireless, and picture quality.

  • Led a development team.

  • Developed and innovated the TV’s backlight control system to become a competitive advantage for the business.

  • Created a PC tool of the universal IR controller with script editor adopted by the factory and test team for the automation test.

  • Provided a GUI tool to another department for picture quality parameters management.

  • Developed the native applications of the connected TV.

  • Worked with IC vendor to develop the first generation’s Android TV.

  • Designed and generated the production line test for the connected TV, Android TV, and OTT set-top box.

  • Responsible for critical issue analysis and on-site support in the production stage.

  • Project lead

    • Universal IR (2015)

    • Android TV production (2013~2015)

    • OTT set-top box production (2012~2013)

    • Connected TV applications (2011)

九月 2010 - 三月 2015


2007 - 2009

National Central University

Communication Engineering

2001 - 2006

Fu Jen Catholic University

Computer Science and Information Engineering


  • C, C++, Java, Golang, Python
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Software Development
  • Team Building and Leading


  • Chinese — 母語或雙語
  • English — 進階
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